Spotlight for Cam v3 won’t turn off

The Spotlight for my Wyze Cam v3 won’t turn off. The camera and spotlight are on the latest firmware ( When I go to the camera settings and click on Accessories and then on Spotlight, I get an error message saying that there’s No Spotlight Installed (you can clearly see from 2nd pic that Spotlight is on). I’ve restarted the camera on the app and by physically pulling the power cord out. Still same results. Anyone else having same issue?

Can’t explain the “no spotlight installed” message. But you are trying to turn spotlight on at the portrait screen in the upper right corner above the image, correct?

Hi Sam_Bam no I’m trying to turn it off. It used to come on automatically at night/in the dark when it detected motion. Now, it just stays on, even during the day.

Okay, got it. Off. But are you using that little image of that spotlight in the portrait screen above the camera’s image?

Well at the top of that image you can see the bluish purplish haze, that’s the Spotlight bouncing off of the wall. I included that pic to show that the Spotlight is working and on. Plus in that image you can see how the ground is lit up.

I’m sorry. I could have been clearer in my post to you. Let me ask a slightly different question. Is this your only V3 spotlight?

I would say it’s defective spotlight pull a case # and go from there

Ya my only Wyze spotlight.

Ya that’s what I’m considering also.

Sorry for sounding so elementary. Do you see the button/icon to turn the spotlight on and off - in the app?

Nope. I used to but not for last few days or so.

On the app, select the camera from the main page, and it opens to a single portrait style page where the settings icon (wheel is in the upper right corner. (By the way, at the bottom of this page/window you see “View Playback”. That’s how you know we are on the same page.

The image the camera is displaying is in the center of this page. Directly above and outside the image is “Live Stream”. To the right of “Live Stream” you should see the outline of an oval that indicates the spotlight on/off button, if the camera has a spotlight installed. When the spotlight is on, the oval appears to be lit up. When the spotlight is off, its just the outline of the oval. Do you see the oval or the oval lit up? If not, then seems you may have a bad spotlight. Best I can do.

My spotlight will turn on with motion, but then never turns off. I am able to turn it off remotely. The firmware for the v3 is up to date and the spotlight says it’s up to date but it’s and I think it should be I’ve unplugged the v3 for over a minute and uninstalled and reinstalled the app.

After several days of back and forth with wizards of Wyze they said after consulting with the product team there is no mechanism for the spotlight to automatically turn off.
So throughout the beta testing no one noticed it did not turn off by itself, really?
They said I should create a wish list because that’s the best way to let them know we want a light to shut off by itself.
There are several examples of wish list items without one comment from Wyze in years.
Apparently Wyze is more concerned with releasing new products and not adequately testing and servicing existing ones.
I’m done with Wyze as products need to be replaced I’ll be doing it with other manufacturers.