Speed of panning


Hi. I am using the app to adjust speed. It does not change at all. Please assist.


Which app and firmware versions to you have? When I change the speed in Camera Settings > Advanced Settings > Motor Controls, I see a dramatic difference in pan speed between the highest and lowest setting.

You might want to try power cycling the camera and force restarting the app as a first step.


Just had a thought. @andy.myasg, are you referring to manual panning through the control panel in the app, or is it Pan Scan and/or motion tracking?

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Hi. Thanks for getting back to me. I thought that it will allow to to control the speed of the scanning motor.


Hi, I did that and the speed of the panning has not changed. Thanks.

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Are you referring to the motion tracking speed, or the manual panning speed via the app? The motor control speed adjustment only changes the manual panning, and does not affect motion tracking.

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Ok. Thanks.

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