Spectacular Trio of Leonid Meteors Captured On WYZE V3 Cam Single Motion Event

Probably part of SpaceX’s late launch. Those must be the 3 Falcon Heavy Boosters returning to Earth :slight_smile:

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Does anyone know of an easy way to pull a recording off of an at&t DVR? They did broadcast my videos (but had the WYZE logo covered :slightly_frowning_face:)

I can try to record it on my phone, but that will create a huge file.

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Wow! Looking forward to getting mine. Maybe I’ll get more to dedicate to sky watching.

Hmmm. Rekaksky, now you’ve given me a reason to leave my V3 pointing directly up at the stars.

In addition to meteors, I’ve also captured a lot of airplanes flying through the night sky … but also dim lights higher up moving straight across the sky which I assumed might be satellites and maybe the space station.

Now you got me wondering if I could capture the SpaceX’s return to earth. Any idea when that’s going to happen?

Jeese, @blp042, I never even thought about sky watching … now that I have a V3, I’m addicted to capturing everything in the dark sky.

The next Lunar Eclipse isn’t until May, and even then, not completely visible where I live. Those V3 owners on the west coast are going to have the best chance of capturing that!

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Mike, a friend of mine emailed me the TV video of my meteor showing.

He said he used his TIVO to record the news. And that there is no easy way to get a video off a TIVO.

He uses a Java script program called KMTTG to rip videos off his TIVO … but also says the project has been abandoned by the developers because TIVO is going to block it within a couple of weeks.

All of this is above my pay grade. But here’s a link he gave me. He really doesn’t want to be a tech support on the program but says TIVo is blocking it in two weeks anyway.

You can check the schedule here https://spaceflightnow.com/launch-schedule/ or here https://www.kennedyspacecenter.com/launches-and-events/events-calendar?pageindex=1

Oh my. Yeah, that’s way beyond even my technical abilities. (And I used to service home computers on the side.)
I guess I’ll just use my phone to record the TV. But, thanks anyway.

You can buy a cheap video capture device. Gamers use them all the time to capture video. You could just plug the DVR HDMI out through the card, press play on the DVR, then take it to your computer to extract. You can get some for like $10-$15.

Well, I resorted to using my phone to record the Fox 6 Wake-Up News in Milwaukee segment that featured my meteor videos off the TV. Unfortunately, the Wyze logo could not be seen well,

And I will also beg like Tod. I’m not afraid to admit it. So, if @WyzeGwendolyn or @WyzeDongsheng or @WyzeDave or @WyzeMark are in a giving mood, you have my address. :grin:

Here is the link to the video: https://youtu.be/wdrrdQlbrjc (you may need to turn the volume up to hear what they are saying.
I tried uploading it here, but ran into a size limit.

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“That’s not an iPhone!” (she says at the end)

You could kind of see the Wyze logo behind their logo on a couple of clips if you knew what to look for.

I love how they said you were using special cams because you’re really into it. :slight_smile:

Your recording by phone worked out pretty well. I’ll post it as embedded to show up people can just view within here instead of leaving the forum:


Thanks! How did you embed it into the post? Did you use the “hyperlink”?

Naw, the forum will recognize what links it can auto-embed. While you posted a good direct link, it just wasn’t recognized as embeddable. I don’t know if it was because you used

youtu.be (a shortcut and reroute to the real video location) instead of youtube.com or because your link didn’t include the part of the link that has


But either way, I have noticed that for the forum to recognize it is auto-embeddable, It always works if I copy what is exactly showing in the address bar when it is currently playable for me…so as soon as it played for me, I just copied that link in here and it showed me in the preview that it recognized it as embeddable automatically, so I posted it. :slight_smile:

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Love it Mike. We both got some V3 Leonid meteors captures and Wyze some publicity on tv.

Nice you were using “special cameras” to capture yours. I was just using a regular Wyze camera … oh wait, so were you!

They got one thing right… you (and I) were really into capturing meteors this year.

Soon thousands of folks will have “special” V3 cameras pointed into the night skies … because I’ve been notified my “pre-order” V3s have been shipped.

I’m sure other pre-orders are on their way to lots of other folks.

Note to others: you soon are going to be absolutely amazed with this V3 camera. I know I was.

I can’t wait to see what others capture with theirs.

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I don’t think those are meteors. The objects actually change their flight path independently from each other and their appears to be atmospheric disturbance behind the objects. This indicates to me that they are within the atmosphere of planet Earth. Meteors that close to earth would be more sensational than a mention on a Wyze forum. They to me, are more likely unidentified flying objects…and you know what that implies.

I don’t claim to be an expert. In fact, I don’t recall even looking up to the stars before I won a V3.

But you could be right. I don’t live near Roswell, NM but maybe UFOs

I sent in several V3 Leonid capture videos to our local tv station several days ago and that was the one the chief meteorologist chose to put on the air (see post 11 for tv clip).

I was notified yesterday that my V3 pre-order had shipped. Did you order one? Amazing leap in technology for Wyze. Great at capturing meteors, space junk and yes, UFOs.

But I expect that 1,000s of us will soon have hands on V3s. Hopefully there will be a flood of night sky star pix!

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I would buy a Wyze drone. Just sayin’…

Esp. if it packed a Wyze cam, could learn the layout of my property like the Wyze vacuum, and be triggered to go and record in a particular spot based on an event. Nice little watch dog. I’d build it a little house in my roof.


@timothynott Welcome to the Wyze community! :slightly_smiling_face:

A Wyze drone would be really cool. I would be all for it as well.

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Plus 1 on the Wyze Drone … with an attached battery-operated WCO!

I’m all in on that idea! Thanks @timothynott for bringing up the idea!

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@todwatts @carverofchoice
Looks like the return of the flying toasters.


this is so coool!