Sound sensitivity on V2s with firmware upgrade

Seems weird to me that with all the issues we are having, WYZE is being quite. I turned off the sound notifications completely. I would love my pan cam to notify me only when my son makes a sound in his crib, not when we are talking in the living room some 40ft away. I’ve been following this chat for almost 2 weeks and NOTHING from Wyze. Starting to wonder if I need to invest in a more capable cam. I can send it back to Wyze since they broke it

Starting to feel the same.

Another one here with the unending sound alarms. I put the sensitivity to 1, and i still get alarms from the door closing at the end of the hall 30 meters away! Makes this cam totally unusable for me.

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I am also having this problem since upgrade on 2 cameras that I did the upgrade on, turned sensitivity down to 1 but it makes no difference. Log submitted #172835

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Wondering if we can all just return our equipment for a refund since it no longer works as advertised, regardless of how long we’ve had it - we feel like we’ve been duped…

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I’m having the same issue since the firmware update. I’ve rolled back to but hopefully this issue is fixed in the next firmware release.

Hi, folks!

I have an update on this one. Thanks for your patience! :slight_smile:

We have a test firmware for you to try! We’re trying to adjust things so that they’re better for sound detection sensitivity. You testing this will make sure that your specific use case is heavily represented in the feedback and decision-making so I highly recommend you try it if you have time and ability to do so. :slight_smile:

You’ll need to flash firmware for this. Here are the instructions:

Here’s the firmware file for Wyze Cam v2:

Here’s the firmware file for Wyze Cam Pan:

Please give it a shot and let us know how you feel about it!

Thank you @WyzeGwendolyn for the update. Unfortunately I have none of those things to perform a manual flash (no SD card nor reader). Hopefully others here will be able to test it. You might want to post this in the other thread about the issue as well.

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Thanks, @pgran! I appreciate the acknowledgement and tip. I see links to this at the top of the post and I’ll go ahead and cross-post so they have the info. :slight_smile:

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I can’t flash my cam pan. Any other to test this out? If not, can I return my cam for a refund since your software broke it.

One question. Does the SD card need to be blank other than this firmware file? Or will the firmware be found even if there are other files on the card that are pictures, audio, etc? Thanks.

The demo.bin file just needs to be in the root directory. Other files can still be there. I just flashed my V2. Fingers crossed if it works. I will message back after some tests.

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@Chappy58us, I’m sorry, flashing firmware is the only current way to try this out. If the testing from this yields promising results, we’ll fold the changes into our regular firmware beta to public release track.

@randcwulff, thanks for answering @kosian’s question! And thanks for testing. :slight_smile:

Test firmware installed on two cam V2! Seems to be back to normal so far!



Well, the beta .243 firmware improved the sound on my V2 test camera quite a bit without breaking something else. I am back to the 20% sensitivity (where it was before) and there are no unnecessary alerts. I still have the playback freeze at times on all my cameras (6). The freeze happened at the same time as the .241 firmware upgrade but that seems to be a separate issue?


You’re welcome, @mrkdsn and @randcwulff! I’ll report this to the team! :smiley:

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