Sound Sensitivity Level


I have the Wyze Cam v2 with Installed firmware version: using iOS app version V2.0.21 and have the sound sensitivity set to 1 and I get 5 to 10 sound detection alerts per day. Apparently things go bump in the night. It may be the refrigerator or just general building creeks.

Is there any way to set the sound sensitivity even lower?


Being completely serious here, I don’t use the sound detection because many sounds detected by my cameras were nowhere near them, so nothing useful was captured. I go exclusively with motion detection.

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I’ve thought of that, but I’d like to get legitimate sound detection such as fire alarms.


Sounds detection doesn’t need to be on for the smoke and CO detection to work. I know that for a fact because I installed new ones of both types today, and then tested them. Cameras picked up the sounds and sent me alerts.

EDIT: I also didn’t have sound detection turned on for any of those cameras.