Sound Quality/Issues?

I have 14 of the V3 camera’s. I would have to guess that the microphone is super low quality. I mean, they are $20.00 camera’s but the audio is horrible. I have them st up at different locations. Have used with older and new software update. The microphone is unfortunate. I personally would have been happy to pay a little more for better audio. It would be nice if the company sold an upgrade with instructions so the we can fix this problem. If not, they would certainly be smart to address it and say that they addressed it on their next model. Also, they should work on their zoom capability and how many cameras can be viewed at once in the app. That would be very helpful. Overall, for the money, it’s not a bad product.

I too am monitoring my aging mother and was hoping the cameras came with better microphones. As soon as the new cameras come out with better microphones I will rebuy a few. With all the technological improvements why can’t we get better microphones or at least a Jack or I can attach a microphone