Sound Quality/Issues?

I have issues with the sound being out of sync on recorded playback and most of the notifications as well, but the sound quality of the event notifications are many times better than the SD card recording sound quality from playback. It sounds awful and I just always assumed it was just being overloaded except the same issue does not occur with the sound from the event recording… I was just under the impression that the sound is mostly garbage and practically unusable, but maybe it’s actually the camera or the SD cards?
I have two V2s and a Pan and all three use SD cards that were also purchased from wyze.
Also, randomly the app closes itself when switching between apps and I have to start a new instance of the app, rather than being able to switch back.
Using an iPhone 7 and all operating systems and versions and firmware are up to date.

I have 2 Wyze Cams and both of them are having the same sound issues as identified in previous comments here. I also had someone stand by each camera while I pressed the MIC icon and spoke normally and loud but neither of them emitted sound.

Back when landline telephones were a thing, some of the cheaper ones had microphones with carbon that would settle after some time. The fix was to give the microphone end of the handset a thump on something padded to loosen the carbon up.

I would definitely not recommend hitting your camera on anything to try and fix it though.

I have 2 V2 stationary cams and 1 pan cam. The stationary cams’ audio works great. Can hear each other both ways. The pan cam’s audio is very muffled and barely audible. I can’t hear a thing from it on the app. If I put my ear directly on the speaker I can hear very quiet sounds from the room.
The weird part is that the stationary cam is farther away from the noise source than the rotating cam.
The pan cam audio is horrible, The cam is a few days old. Firmware is up to date.
The pan cam sounds seems fine when it’s a recorded playback, but the live feed audio is barely there.

Two in a row V2’s and can’t hear a thing. Returning the second one today. Won’t pick up another until it’s clear to me what the issue is and what’s been done to fix it so that there is complete confidence the units they are selling are quality. The WYZE group has some serious quality control issues based on my experience. I guess you get what you pay for.

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Same here. I have 3 stationary and one pan V2’s. One of the stationary cams was working fine for a month or so, then I noticed the sound was nothing more than a crackling noise. I tried cycling the power and it works for a minute or two then reverts to crackling sounds.

I did a complete reset but no improvement. Looks like many are experiencing the same issue. Anyone had any luck finding a fix or should I return it and get a new one?

I have a similar issue. I just installed 2 pan cams and 3 stationary cams around my elderly mother’s house. I installed them as she lives alone and I need to be able to see if she’s ok. I am still in her house making sure everything works, but the pan cam 2 way audio is not working. She can hear me from my phone, but I can hear her even if she is directly in front of the camera. Am I doing something wrong? All the microphones are on in the settings, and the software is up to date. Help! I’m leaving to go back home tomorrow morning (2000 miles away) and I want to make sure she is safe!

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I meant she can hear me speaking to her when I’m talking onto the app on my phone but I cannot hear her.

2v2 and 2pan. I can’t hear someone if he is more than 1 meter from the camera.

The quality of the microphone or software is really bad.

I bought this camera because I wanted a sound record, but it’s a lie from the company, the quality don’t allow you to use it…

Have you got the email from wyze asking for a video sample? Only like 6482 people reported it, as I did and they asked me for a video, when they could easily reproduce it at Wyze QA labs
Good news tho , looks lkike it’s being investigated

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Same with mine. My daughter, who lives abroad, often logs in to speak to the dog…it’s very garbled, and goes in and out.

No, nothing from wyze, they didn’t contact me…

Not sure about you folks, but the latest app version & firmware on my V2 cams now has improved audio. I can actually tell what people are saying !
EDIT-4/17/20- audio is garbage again, like an echo chamber and totally unintelligible. Useless


Have 2 Wyze Cam V2 set up as webcams by flashing the available firmware. Audio from mic is pretty terrible, muffled and crackling as described by others. I haven’t tried the cam on WiFi, but sounds like the same problem. This is curious because audio typically uses so much less bandwidth than video.

That said, Wyze did a great service at least providing this firmware, because of the scarcity of webcams in general during the COVID-19 crisis. I can always use a different mic if needed.

It would be nice, however, if the mic quality could be improved.

Has there been a resolve for this issue yet? I bought mine from amazon and the audio is crackling and just horrible… I try to watch it through the Wyze app on iOS and have tried saving footage and seeing if that would fix it but no luck. I’ve reset the cam wiped it clean and No Luck. Please help

it’s a hardware issue - the camera has a subpar microphone and speaker - the only fix is better quality hardware subcomponents.

BTW - Doesn’t matter where you purchased them at.

Wow… just got the Wyze V2 cam because of all the good reviews I saw. Unfortunately, I didn’t see reviews about the poor audio quality. Is there any way to fix it? The whole reason I got the camera was to be able to know if my dog was barking but the audio is super distorted, picks up every little sound, and then keeps it going on a loop so I can’t even tell if my dog is what’s making noise or if it’s something else.

Please let me know if there is a way to resolve this issue or I will be returning it to the store. Thanks

Okay thank you… gonna be looking at a 3rd party mic. Hopefully an upgraded version of the cam comes out. I love these cams but would really like audio to work and talking through the speaker sucks too.

The mic quality on the ones I have is simply AWFUL. Surprising because a decent mic in those quantities might cost 10 or 15 cents.