Sound issue


sound is distorted when i let go of mic button

Speaker noises

anyone else having a sound issue???


How long does it stay distorted. It sounds like you may have a bit of a feedback loop. Is your phone within earshot of the camera when you’re doing this?


It last about 5 seconds but of course the person I’m speaking to has already answered and I could not hear what was said. We’ve tred to count to 5 after I talk but thats a real pain, other than that its crystal clear. i could be 50 miles away with my phone and it does the same…


When I let go of the speak button, there is a multi second delay before I hear anything. Maybe up to five seconds and sometimes there is a squeak or chirping noise. I haven’t tried to have a conversation, but I can see where this would be an issue.


speaker makes a loud screeching noise after I speak into the mic, on both versions of the camera


Are you physically close to the camera while doing this? You could be getting feedback. Try moving farther away (where your phone and the camera are not within audio range of each other).


letsrock16 opened another thread about this same issue. And, I see Matthew cc’d letsrock16. I commented over there that I have heard the same thing or else multi seconds of silence.