"Something Big is coming " 5-30-2018


Just got an email from wyze with a subject line: Some thing BIG is coming 5-30-2018.

Opened the email…followed the video link.

Nothing :I didnt see anything new, guess this was just a teaser. I guess the we all have to wait and see. Pretty misleading email.

Did is miss something?




I’m not seeing a video link, just a link to the Wyzecam site.

In the email I got it states

“Come see our latest smart home creation at 9am PDT/12pm EDT on May 30”

Not misleading at all for me.

My calendar is marked and I’m here for all the fun speculation!


I guess “video link” was misleading (which makes me a hypocrite).

I clicked on the link to wyzecam and the video on their page didnt reveal anything.

That said.

What do you speculate !!


Double post


I would have speculated- Outdoor camera. But, the email says “A new way of seeing INSIDE your home”. So… I have no idea.


Hoping for better than 10-15 second clip motion triggered cloud storage.



It looks to be a new product rather than a new feature.


Smoke detector/cam combo?




Doorbell cam (ala ring)


Nodnarbaz…that would be cool…but it does say “inside your home” :frowning:



Alexa skill for Show and Spot


My guess:

DaFang (meaning Big Room in Chinese according to a review on YouTube).

Also from the (unintentional ?) pre-announcement of Pan Tilt camera.


Great clip… that is the they should be showing as an intro to next week!!


It’s a new indoor camera, that’s all I know.


If is under $30 I may spring for one, not that I need anymore cameras.


I didn’t get this email :frowning:


Noon, Eastern, tomorrow


The “shop” link started showing a Wyze Cam Pan option this morning. A little url magic can get you to the product page if you’re interested in specs/price a bit early.


Already ordered one.