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I have 3 Wyze cameras. One in the newer model with the blue light that turns red when someone is viewing the feed. This will turn red at home when both my husband and I are home. We have repeatedly changed the password to the camera. Last night my husband put his face into the camera and it cut to blue right away. Someone is accessing the feed. It worries me because the other two cameras do not have a indicator when someone is on the feed looking. Besides changing the password is there something else we can do at home?

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Viewing includes anything being sent to the cloud for an event. So anytime you create a motion event, the color changes. Makes it pretty worthless in my opinion. And of course any camera that you don’t want to advertise the location, you need to turn the light off anyway.

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I had exact same scenario. In my case there was one more problem - led indicator was sometimes providing weird indication. Tried different things but finally understood that v3 camera was connected to v2 power brick. They look identical but v3’s provides twice as power. My v3 camera had spotlight kit connected - not enough power from v2 brick.
After connecting to proper brick - led indication was predictable. You in your case seem to run camera with no cam plus subscription. Try next thing - wait for cool off period of >5 min and then come to camera view looking to led indicator. You will see that it will change to red for precisely 12 seconds. And then go back to blue. BTW after adding cam plus there is no such indication during recording - only when accessed live view in app.

Welcome to the forums! I highly believe your status light is changing due to the camera detecting motion.You can test this by going into the settings of the camera that your husband stuck his face into, and disable motion detection in the event recording section of the settings. now back out of the camera and app, and let the camera sit and it should remain blue at all times (except one live viewing). Try this and let us know if the issue stops.

Status light state: What does the light mean?
Solid red light Camera is powered and starting up, or Watching live stream or Recording alarm video

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To be clear, there is no “feed”. The cameras send video only when asked or when motion-detected or timed recording is active as described above. No one is intercepting anything in your case. Stop worrying. :slight_smile: