Some cams v2 live view not available on alexa

Hi guys. I have some wyze cams v2. But some of them when I enter on alexa apps, devices, câmeras and some of them show the live view just fine. But others just show live view not available. Do you guys have any idea what’s going on? Besides, Im a new user and in the beginning I could trigger routines on alexa app with motion on the cameras. But now I can’t. Is it because my free 14 days wyze plus expired? Is there another way around?

The Alexa alerts only work with person detection so far, so yes you’d need a valid CamPlus subscription on each camera you want to use to trigger Alexa routines. I don’t know the story with the new live view feature - it just came out this month.

Note that you can do a lot with native Wyze app rules without using Alexa.

In the past renaming a camera has helped with stubborn Alexa issues so you could try that if you want… Also reinstalling the Wyze skill, telling Alexa to discover, reinstalling the app, etc.

Edit: just noticed this thread:

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Welcome @duduramirru!
Try to stream the cameras even if they show “live view not supported” in the Amazon Alexa app. This is probably related to the topic @Customer linked.

Just discovered I have this issue as well. Also, CAMplus person detection triggers only for some cams.