Solve Robovac charger connection issues

I have my robovac charger on a rug. I used carpet tape to keep the charger in place. However the vac seems to miss the charger about 25% od the time as the vac somehow is lower than the charging blades on the fixed mount. This needs a better adjustment or better solution as I’m sure I am not the only one using the charger on a rug.

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I am having the same issues here. I bought 2 robovacs, the one on the 1st floor (hard vinyl) charges fine, however, the one on the 2nd floor (carpet) keeps going back and forth when trying to position itself to charge, 90% of the times w/o success.

I’ll try to swap both between floors to check if is the 2nd floor one that is defective, or if it is a design problem with the charging station.

I was having the same “try try again”… and then give up with a red error message. The failure always occurred on a carpet (my only practical plug-in location) until I used 1/4in white masonite (pressboard) with beveled edges. I then used 10lb/4.5Kg double stick foam tape to adhere the charger base to the board. Problem solved!

UPDATED: 01/22/21:
Problem SolvedNOT !!!

I really thought I had fixed the constant back up and retry charger docking problem ! Twas not to be. Soon after my last posting “BB” (Big Bot) went back to his old “Where’s The Power?” ways !
Very frustrating for BOTH of us.

After a few inspiring sessions in my morning “Think Tank” (nice hot shower)
I decided that what Big Bot needed was a “shower” of his own. Perhaps something just needed to be washed off?

What if the electrical contact strips still had a thin film of something left over from the manufacturing process? Perhaps a little buffing wax (those chromium strips sure did SHINE when I first took BB out of his box)… perhaps a thin layer of oil… or even some kind of poly material?

Bottom line… after applying a little fine grain sandpaper to all contacts my little buddy BB has not failed a 1st time charger docking in the last dozen trials !!! :laughing:

Problem REALLY solved… at last !

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UPDATED: 01/26/21:
“Grumble, grumble…”

As they say… “Pride goeth before a fall”… or something similar.

I smugly posted about my “Board Fix” for the charging problem… FAIlED.

I then even more smugly posted about my “Sanding the Contacts” fix… sadly I must admit to have failed… AGAIN.

I can see the small spark that jumps between the contacts just as the bot docks but then a few moments later it will back up and try again… and again… and again… and again… etc. It’s almost like the power detection system does not react fast enough. Perhaps it would help to put in a slightly longer delay before the bot decides that docking has failed? It’s quite obvious that charging HAS started… so why does it ultimately decide that it did not? Guess we’ll just have to allow it to “Try… Try… Try… again” and wait for the Wyze folk to fix this charging kink. The BotVac is great otherwise.

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I tilted the charger forward about 5 degrees and it works much better. Carpet taped it in place and. Put a pencil under the back edge. All on carpet. Reliable


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