Solar powered Wyze camera - only requires wifi connection

Trying to power a v3: I tried a Renogy E.Flex 5W Portable Solar Panel with 2500 mAh Power Bank, but it wouldn’t work. If I charged the battery separately, the camera would work initially, but the panel/battery combination could not keep the camera working. Not sure where power “supply” was failing (panel, battery, ?), either way, I have returned the Renogy.

You need at a minimum, a 20w panel.
And that’s in sunny California.

Your need at least that amount of solar power to keep your battery charged and run the camera. It’s simple mathematics.

Any less, and your battery will go flat after a few days, and your camera will stop working.

That’s hilarious.

@BarkingSpider If looking to power 2x V3’s with this setup would you recommend a larger (50W) panel or 2x batteries, or both?

I would use a larger panel like 50w but try the same battery i suggest above. It should be sufficient. The results will really depend on how much sun your panel gets during the day.

The Renogy charge controller has 2 USB outputs, so 2 cameras would work ok.

Here in sunny California this system would work fine. So try it and find out, you can always add more battery power and/or solar if needed.

Post your results!



I live in Florida so we do get good sun but the summer afternoon rain storms happen often so we’ll see!

Worse case a second battery I would just wire in parallel to the input of the controller right?


Exactly, there is plenty of room in the box, but I’m sure you will be fine in Florida with just the bigger panel.

My setup in the picture above has been working flawlessly now for over 3 months with no downtime.

Have fun!

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I bought a Reolink for my property and never set it up. Do you know if it works on ATT? Are you using T mobile from what I am reading?

Replicating your setup with a 50W panel to drive 2 cameras in Colorado. Thanks for posting.

Not sure on AT&T

Works great on T-Mobile

If you go with Pre-Paid account account for a device other than camera to receive SMS for account activation.