Solar panel with power brick

Not sure if this been ask could not find but. I’m thinking of doing a solar panel attach to a power brick to power multiple Wyze Cam3 for outdoor. Has anyone done this and how long does the recording last and what size power brick you used?

Power Prick ? :thinking:

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I corrected the typo in the title to avoid more confusion.

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That one made me laugh too. At least it was spelled right in the message text…

Yes, you can use a solar panel and power brick to power Wyze cameras. One limitation you may run into is that a lot of typical power bricks will not charge and power loads at the same time. Make sure you have a power brick that can do that. How large of battery and how large of solar panel will depend massively on the sun conditions and how long you want it to last without sun. You will have to do the math on that depending on your situation. For long term reliability, you are not going to get away with something like a 10 or 20 watt panel - especially with multiple cameras. For long term high reliability, you will likely need something on the order of 10 times as much solar panel as your average load - maybe more depending on your weather. For battery, again, it is going to depend massively on your weather, the size of the panels, and how long you want it to last without sun. You could easily end up with something car battery sized.

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