Solar Panel USB Cable and Wyze Cam 3 splitter to allow 2 Wyze Cam Outdoors powered by Solar

My request is 2-fold, One - please allow Wyze users to buy accessories like cables, splitter etc. by part/individual. Second - It seems technically feasible to run at least 2 outdoor cams on the new Solar Panel but to enable that 2 power cables are needed and a usb splitter (both of which are parts of existing products). I ordered the solar panel yesterday and would love the option to run both my Outdoor cams via the 1 solar panel to keep the battery charged for both units utilizing renewable energy.

I have bought the y-cable on Amazon it has 2 micro M USB to 1 F micro USB…works greatwe have 4 of them in service on Wyze V3

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The Outdoor Camera requires a special sealed connector though, or you void the waterproofing.

Iur guys used clear Silicone and they have been in service for over 2 years with no issues,and if there was trash it and put another one in it place there so cheap and work great.

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2-Way Solar Panel Splitter (WCO)

Hey, I have 3 WCOs, and 2 of them are mounted on a pole facing opposite directions. Each of them has a solar panel currently, and they stay at 100% all day, only dipping to 99% at night. If there was a splitter that the solar panel plug could snap into and the other end has 2 plugs, with about 3-4 inches on each side. Ideally, the cable would come out of a different side of the connector so it doesn’t have to twist around when on a pole, but if the cables were just a bit longer that wouldn’t be necessary.

Obviously the cam wouldn’t charge as fast, and it may not be able to maintain 100% but as long as it extends the life that’s good enough.

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