Solar Enclosure



Here is an idea for you: Create a solar powered outdoor enclosure. This will eliminate the need to be connected to an AC source and protect the camera all in one unit.


Good idea!


Wyze does not create the hardware they use. Wyze takes products from the Chinese brand yi and puts their firmware on them. You can probably configure solar yourself with some custom made parts and jerry rig it together.


Actually that isn’t totally accurate. The Original Wyze cam V1 and V2 have the same housing as the Xiaomi branded equipment but the internals and firmware are different. It isn’t just a firmware difference.


That’s just not true. The internals are exactally the same. Wyze has come out and said that it’s cheap Chinese hardware but the software is their bread and butter. V1 V2 and pan are exact replicas to their yi counterpart other than the software.