Software Issue? - Events not being recorded

cool will try, btw i got my motion sensor to work, so i am sending scene actions to my phone using the contact and motion sensor but nothing is being recorded…

Those should also show up in the Events tab of the Wyze app.

yeah they do but they record nothing

I don’t understand, they show up in the events tab but they are 0 length? Could you send a screenshot of your events tab? I think we may be on to something here.


I would definitely open a support ticket here for this. Not sure why that is happening but it is definitely not expected behavior!

Are no events at all being recorded? If some are and some aren’t, it could be because of the 5 minute “cool down” period. In other words, if an event is recorded, it will not record another event until a 5 minute cool down period has passed. They just released a subscription based service called “Complete Motion Capture” which will record all events, without any gap of time since the previous event.

It looks like the OP is getting events but they are of zero duration, thats why i suggested opening a support ticket.

My thoughts on “he’s getting events sent to the cloud that are smart video alerts but are zero length.”

  1. Looks like the rule or trigger for the smart video is working and is detecting things.
  2. Looks like the connection to the cloud appears to be there, but to be determined if it’s working correctly at this point.
  3. In an earlier post he mentioned that he’s looking at the live view and the camera is “detecting him”. According to the events tab he posted, Those would show up only as “motion” events. (Unless he didn’t have any of those events within the screen shot. I see only “smart video alerts”).

Did you do any changes to the “front door” camera since you made the rule or trigger with the contacts/motions? Have you power cycled the “front door” camera recently?

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Ive power cycle and redownloaded the app.

I get scene actions and smart video alerts but they record nothing as in the video length is 0 seconds

btw i dont get notifications for the devices (contact sensors, etc.) anymore they though they work

looks like the v2 wyze cams are messed up, seeing some similar posts

added an sd card, it started working

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