So was Wyze Car the April fools joke, or is Wyze Checkout the Joke? Did anyone actually get one?

Some people have posted screenshots, supposedly showing a successful purchase. But probably Photoshopped. ---- I think it was a very poorly thought out “publicity stunt”. NO WAY that thing exists except in the mind of someone trying to be funny. Very bad P.R. I won’t believe it until/unless Wyze posts a photo of said car WITHOUT the weird Hollywood angles, lighting, color gels, green-screen backgrounds. As you’ve heard all your life, IF IT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT PROBABLY ISN’T TRUE.

I didn’t photoshop anything. I took a screenshot straight from my account, and I did make a successful purchase.

All this speculation about the car not being real, truly needs to stop, because myself and many others did get charged for, and received confirmation of our purchase.

It’s ok to be disappointed that you didn’t get to purchase one. It’s ok to be upset about how their system was set up. I, too, think it wasn’t the greatest way to go about a trickle release and they should have done something similar to Amazon’s lightning deals or to only allow 500 people to put one in their cart and then 15 minutes to finalize the purchase. I think this is where the failing lies: way more than 500 people at the top of the hour got one in their carts and then it was just sheer luck if you managed to complete the purchase before the 500 were confirmed paid.

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I had a car in my cart several times also, like others checkout just gave a screen that said they were doing site maintenance. Once it finally started working again my cart was empty. Seems like they weren’t really ready for us even though they were asking if we were ready. Should have started with at least 10k .

Congratulations. Please post a real photograph of the car after you receive it. No fancy lighting or strange camera angles. I kinda wonder WHY Wyze won’t post a normal photo of it? Perhaps they are enjoying the buzz…but it seems to me the negative is outweighing the positive publicity.

The photos that were posted in the store looked a lot like the photos they have of the scale, robot vacuum, etc. I didn’t see anything wrong with the photos shown when I placed my purchase.

But yeah, I’ll post a photo when it ships and when it arrives. Maybe I’ll do an unboxing video.

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I got one
Preorder Car

Order Date: April 1, 2021
Items Ordered

Wyze Car WYZECAR $49.99 * Ordered 1 $49.99
Subtotal $49.99
Shipping & Handling $4.45
Tax $2.00
Grand Total $56.44

I also got the cam v2 black edition and I have already received it.

People WERE trying to sell the cars on ebay, but ebay took the listings down because you can not sell a pre-order for more than 30 days. They violated the rules.

I am not selling mine.

That’s a good deal, I didn’t know any state had a 4% sales tax.

alabama sales tax

shipping was only $4.75

Shipping was $4.45 not $4.75

I was disappointed also that I tried every hour on the hour and got repeated errors or site down or added to cart but couldn’t check out…VERY frustrated! Never got one,

If anyone at Wyze is listening, this product release sucked. Tried many times with no luck. Absolutely pathetic to do this. This is like the Home Depot kiosk t-shirt QR code all over again. Or the clear Wyze cam. You never learn.

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