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SMS notifications would be nice for those of us that have limited data. There are a lot of people that have Tracfone or Consumer Cellular plans that give people a limited amount of data… so people like us don’t keep our data on most of the time. SMS notifications would be very beneficial for us.

I know that this can be done with IFTTT… but that also requires that data be turned on.

Notifications not working - Push notifications ON

I believe IFTTT also only provides a very limited number of SMS notifications per month.


Yes… but as I mentioned… that also requires data to be turned on.

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If wyzecam could send email notifications then Verizon users could get those notifications as a text message on their phone by using when not connected to the internet. Other phone providers may offer a similar email-to-text message feature.


IFTTT has a limit of around 100. Having SMS and push notifications will introduce redundancy. Are you looking for something different and any reason why the push notification may not be enough?


As per my original post… push notifications requires data to be turned on… and a lot of people such as myself have limited data… and therefore can not keep data turned on at all times. A SMS message indicating an alert would allow people to turn data on only as needed to check the alert/video… and then turn data back off.


@BenSamuel One thought… push notifications themselves use very little data. So rather than using a strategy of keeping data turned off, it might be a good alternative to instead severely limit which apps are allowed to use data. This is done easily via Settings in iOS. I don’t know about Android, but I would think it would be possible there too.


In more recent versions of Android, it is possible to prevent apps from using mobile data in the background. It’s controlled via “Data Saver” and “Mobile Data Usage” in Android Oreo; at least on my Verizon Galaxy S8+.


I like the idea of having SMS notifications as an option. It would help in those cases where users may not have data coverage or poor overall coverage. In those cases SMS will still get through as it is sent via the voice channel on cellular networks. So if a phone falls back to a legacy 3G or 2G network that really only supports voice then this could be a good option.


Would love to see SMS notification, as well. When I’ve set my phone down or its being charged, my Fitbit band will vibrate to alert me to rec’d texts so that’s a great alternate way to be alerted to the Cam sensing motion or sound.


I want a per-camera SMS notification option because, when you have several cameras in several locations, you cannot keep constantly looking at the feed in the app for every time the wind blew. Say I have one of all these cameras somewhere that, normally, should never see motion - but when it does, I really need to know right away. Indoor security, snake cage escape, missing artwork, repro Terminator 2000 come alive, etc.
Thank you.


I also would appreciate an SMS notification. When using as a security camera, several immediate ways to notify of motion detected would be good, to offer as much time as possible to investigate or report before any criminal types escaped.