Smoke/CO/gas alert sound



Enable configuring the trigger sound for smoke/CO/gas alert by uploading sound samplesand/or choosing from standard alarm sounds.

This is needed because many home alarms don’t trigger alert recording on WyzeCams.


That isn’t how these things work, and there would be no RAM space available for such a thing.

There is a ISO IEC standard for the pattern, and if other devices don’t stick to the standard, it makes it exceedingly difficult to detect these things. *edit, I mean, if they did do any processing on the incoming waveform, but they don’t, which is why I said it isn’t how these things work.


And how would that standard sound like? Guys at Wyze couldn’t find a sample when I asked them. I need a sound sample for both alert triggers so I can test and compare.


They can’t find a sample since there isn’t one.

These things seem to just monitor db levels. This is also why these can be set off if a big truck is backing up. Or if a little kid is with a whistle blowing it hard, it went off. Not very reliable.

Before, I meant that if it did do some processing (which it don’t seem like it does), that it would have to follow the standard specs. Sorry I didn’t clarify that.


You can’t be more wrong! The cameras don’t monitor dB level. Check your facts, before saying things that are not true. The standard sounds are T3 and T4. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a sample, except trying with every alarm sound found on YouTube…

Regarding dB level, I guess you got me wrong. The cameras have 2 distinct sound triggers: sound and alarm. The first triggers when every sound is captured, while the second monitors specific smoke and CO alarm. Check the app settings!


As I said, a simple kids whistle was enough to set off a “fire” alert, as did the delivery truck, though, now you got me curious, perhaps some minimal processing is going on, but there is no way these do waveform matching

If anything it would be db levels and perhaps period as well.


Hi, @serban! I’m the person from Twitter and I was able to get files for this for you today. Still can’t find them on YouTube (which I think is weird). Here’s a file with the samples I pilfered from the devs. :slight_smile:

We’re working on making this more reliable so if you’re having false alerts, @ShadowCam, please let us know!


Garbage truck sets it off… like this one.