Smoke Alarm notification failed



A few days ago the smoke alarm went off in my kitchen and neither cam I have setup in the house (one in the living room approx 15ft away) or one on the 2nd floor detected the alarm and sent/logged a notification. Using Wyze Cam 2 with the latest firmware. Any ideas?




Dumb question - Do you have smoke alarm notification turned on? Default is OFF.



My notification setting is turned on. I have a first alert brand smoke alarm. It’s loud af. Like my neighbor came over once cause he heard it from his house and it was going off for a min or 2 because I was cooking and didn’t want to mess my meal up.

I can also confirm that my Pan NEVER alerts me when my smoke alarm goes off and it’s gone off on a few occasions since I’ve had my camera.


Same issue here. The sound alerts are not trustworthy. Most of the times sounds and alarms don’t trigger my cams mic, even when set to high sensitivity. Really disappointing! Hoping someone from Wyze chimes in soon on this before I start leaving negative reviews on Amazon!


One of our mods let me know about this conversation. Could you please tell me more about what you’ve been experiencing? We’d love to look into this!

As a quick note, the “Ask the Community” section is intended for community discussion and Wyze employees don’t necessarily chime in. For stuff like this we’d usually recommend contacting our support people. Looks like we missed the conversation from last year! @LAZZZERS, did this improve for you over time?


Hi. Thanks for your message.

I have two issue with my unit.

  1. The micro sd card slot won’t work.

  2. Visual detections work well. Sound detections sometimes don’t work at all! I set my fire alarm off and it didn’t capture the event or notify me! This is happening a lot!

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That really stinks! We’re sorry about that. This is probably going to be something that support helps you out with. They’ll probably be able to get these things working with you but if that doesn’t work they’d be able to help with a replacement.


Same here - no luck with smoke alarms. CO alarm detection is random, too…


In my testing of smoke alarm detection, I have noticed that one test cycle on the unit is not enough. I must let the alarm blare for perhaps a full minute, and then it gets detected. I think this is a good thing to reduce false alarms from short term detector tests or when the alarm is set off by kitchen smoke and quickly canceled by the cook.