SmartThings Integration

Love Wyze Cam and CamPlus BUT I will not invest in the rest of the Ecosystem until you integrate with Smartthings, Home Assistant and/or Tuya! Integration with other platforms such as ST/HA/Tuya is essential to many smarthome users especially basic user levels (and all other user levels)…

I am yearning to replace and upgrade old equipment and add in new things. I want to replace my video doorbell, replace my door and motion sensors, add some more smart locks and replace one, replace a couple thermostats with new smart ones, and so much more…

I will heavily invest in more Wyze Ecosystem products like the door lock, doorbell, sensors, thermostat, bulbs and more if I can access/use them seaminglessly with other platforms… especially ST!

I know there are plenty more current and would be Wyze customers out there that share this sentiment: if integration with these platforms doesn’t happen soon then my money will go elsewhere… I have been waiting patiently to give my money to Wyze but that patience is starting to quickly wane.


I’m completely with you on this.

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I wish they just provide an update on smartthings or new Matter standard. Would help me with future purchases.


I am completely annoyed with this thread. Wyze is not going to do anything here no matter how many people say they want it. Bye.


The worst part is that Wyze is saying nothing on it lately. They told us to wait until Summer 2021 for an update, and now it’s fall 2021 and not a word.

There is obviously a large demand for this. Just give insight into what is being planned or that it is being thought of. Or hell, say “we’re not going to do it because we want to lock you into our eco system/will be looking at future products to accomodate the need.” I don’t like that answer, but at least I respect that you have a plan and are thinking about it.

At the moment, the product roadmap is more akin to an ADD toddler. “You want SmartThings Integra… ooh look a watc… ooh a floor lam… oh v2 of a camer… locks, motion lights, vaccuums, cars, airplanes, tanks, SQUIRRELS!!!.. sorry what feature did you actually ask for?”


@WyzeGwendolyn @WyzeDave
Is there anything Wyze can tell us about plans for integration with SmartThings or future support for Matter with existing (or future) products?
I am all in on Wyze but the lack of API access or integrations with other systems continues to leave gaps.

Here is a recent article on Matter and what some of the big players have planned Why Amazon, Apple, Google, and more are helping create a smart home standard called Matter


I hate not having Wyze in SmartThings! Why is this not a toe priority?

Or even a TOP priority? :grin:

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I’ve been thinking about this and this is my guess:
Wyze does not need or want all of the added demand for their [existing] products which would be created by adding this functionality. They are so focused on creating new products and their own ecosystem, that it’s more valuable to just focus on that, they’re already selling plenty as things are now.

I really don’t think it’s that they don’t want more sales. My guess is they have the (wrong) sense that if you lock your customers into your ecosystem, then they always have to buy from you and you continually generate more sales.

Of course that’s incorrect as there are plenty of people who won’t purchase into a locked-in ecosystem. Why would I buy Wyze sensors and be forced to run two controllers, when I can buy a competitors sensors and run it on my existing SmartThings ecosystem with all of the other varying competitors I operate in my house.

I’d love to add cheaper sensors and more cameras, but a locked in ecosystem is a no-go.


I still say its delayed due to Matter. Now that Wyze has joined Matter, why develop X number of third party integrations when you can just develop 1 and instantly gain SmartThings, HomeKit, Home Assistant, etc. once Matter is live.

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Wait, Wyze joined Matter? Is that a recent development?

They joined back in August. They’ve been on a couple Matter discussion panels since then.

@pavichokche - See this page here (very bottom, click to expand full list of participants):

@prjct92eh2 - but that only solves the issue of new products that have support for Matter. My understanding is it requires a hardware component. That doesn’t help anyone.

And if that is the case, Wyze needs to start being more transparent and start talking to their community about their roadmap and features. The way they’re handling the community now is creating aggravation and distrust in Wyze’s ability to deliver.

The only hardware component for wifi devices is minimum processing power, memory and RAM. If Wyze’s devices meet those minimum hardware requirements then they can be updated to Mater compliance via a firmware update.

Better than a bottom? :slight_smile:

I am not able to find any recent updates on this and it has been over a year and a half since it has been in the “researching stage.” Can we please get an update on this? I would really like my Wzye Cams to be able to turn on my front porch light (among other things like telling Google Home that someone is at the front door) and a regular motion sensor can’t detect people so there would be way too many false positives.


Or integrate with SmartThings and we’ll use their automation!

Great - integration of various manufactures is essential for the maximum benefit of everyone. Smart Things, IFTTT, etc. are necessary - individuals each have a preference on some of their home automation - no one company can solve everyone’s needs.

And when are we going to get Wyze Home Monitoring in Canada - Ring are offering it!

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Any updates on this?