SmartThings Integration


Yes Smartthings native support and google home integration would make wyzecam best cam in the market…


Really hoping this becomes a reality. I have a few Pan cams and would love to integrate.


Just got my first cam v2 and it’s cheap and works perfectly. Great little piece of kit for the price. If you start to integrate your products to ST then I’ll make WYZE my first port of call when looking for new devices.

(I’m currently using IFTTT and a Virtual button on Smarttthings to get the events working but its not ideal)

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The sad part is the wyze folks here don’t see what we see because they don’t use Smartthings so they have no idea the usefulness of the intergration they want to make their own so we buy theirs not ST stuff. I refuse to abandon smartthings. I have had every system out there and wasted alot of money. I’m not going to just jump to a new company that won’t open integration. Look at Iris by Lowe’s, they refused to integrate and now they are gone… poof wyze can’t even fix the forum app so you can see what you are typing. It’s covered by the keyboard and they are aware of it. Sad really.
Don’t get me wrong the cameras are cheap and they work at a decent rate but the quality of the picture is not true 720 and has alot of opportunity. Integration is the best option. sensors and all are cool but it’s not gonna last. . My question is what about people who daisychain their cameras? With the sensor on the back is that still possible? Don’t look like it. Wyze people. Get your shit together. Smartthings is the best way. .

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I couldn’t agree more. If Wyze tries to develop their own ecosystem they will eventually fail. I would throw out all my wyze cameras before ST which already has hundreds of sensors you can use and program for your smarthome. If Wyze wants good organic growth, a priced right outdoor camera with a ST integration and the option of personal cloud recording would be a winner.


I’m sorry could you share with us, how did you make the Wyze camera image appear on the FireTV with Alexa routines?


I’ll make a separate video and thread.

I have successfully integrated Wyze with SmartThings and Alexa and my TV.

I have a motion sensor near every camera.
I use the Wyze motion zone to trigger recordings and then if ST motion sensor sees activity during the Wyze cooldown period it will record a video clip.



Enable the Wyze skill in the Amazon Alexa app.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. While SmartThings is under the “maybe later” category, this feature is still under consideration for being added. We take the time to read all of the feedback that is posted so we can make improvements to your experience and the Wyze Cam. You are correct, if someone uses the bridge with the camera it would take up the port in the back of the camera then they would be unable to daisy-chain the cameras.

We’re sorry to hear that you are having problems posting in the forum and we’ve been working on a fix for this issue. If you are interested in helping us troubleshoot this, could you please send us a screenshot demonstrating this, the type of device you were using when it happened, and the browser you were on? We’ll get this sorted out for you as soon as we can.


SmartThings is hosting an IoT Meetup in Seattle next week. Maybe someone from the Wyze team can attend and discuss integration :grin:


YES please! Smartthings integration would be amazing!


Thank you


I just created an account so that I could post into this thread specifically to say: in good faith, I am buying two cameras. I hope that you will continue to work to fulfill our requests to support SmartThings. You will only add value to your product, and the support of a very good community of customers. Thank you for your consideration.

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With the new Wyze Sense, having a ST tie in would be really really useful. As it is now, I use ST with contact sensors to arm the security feature of ST for notifications of intrusion. I used to use Arlo Pro cameras in conjunction to record alarm events but also to motion monitor entry ways and windows.

If Wyze Sense and cameras (maybe also consider a door bell/chime/siren product to tie in) could be used along with ST (and also with Google Home integration), we could be looking at a very holistic package that allows Wyze to be able to monitor our homes via Wyze Sense contact sensors and the motion sensor, tripping the Wyze cameras to record, while also setting off a trigger in ST to sound an alarm. We could also just simply use the Wyze cameras at the front door, to trigger a z-wave/zigbee chime through ST to notify us when someone is standing at the door or if a package arrives (ala cheap Ring doorbell?). You could even add in keychain remotes that function via ST to disable the systems for when you come home since GPS location based triggers are very unreliable. Or better yet, with Google Home/Assistant integration, I could very simply tell Google to disarm the house as I approach it in my vehicle (or ST can help with this as well).

The possibilities are pretty limitless.


Just spit balling here, but I don’t think that would ever happen in the way you want. Wyze has repeatedly stressed that their products are not for home security. So having any kind of integration like that probably wouldn’t happen.

Is this were to ever happen, it would probably be more open ended, like their IFTTT integration. They expose the camera and sensor data, triggers, etc. to SmartThings, and then the ST user can use them how they please.


Yes, please! I would LOVE to have my Wyze camera integrated with all of my SmartThings home. Looking forward to this!!


Love the product but have bought very little because it does not integrate. If all Wyze got smartthings integration I’d buy it until my wife kick me out of the house! I mean it’s not even a question sales would sky rocket🚀!

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Any update on the plans to integrate cameras with Smartthings? If Smartthings integration is still in the plans, I would like to buy some more cameras, but I don’t want to buy more if native support isn’t going to happen.