SmartThings Integration

This article on ZDNET written in 2019 by Jason Perlow of Tech Boiler is even more relevant today than it was then, IMO.

I have been an early adopter for so many Kickstarter programs and have been abandoned by the likes of Blumoo, Bayit, Piper, Snap Cam by Sengled and so many more. Even Samsung / Wisenet Smart Cams have been abandoned. Nixed the cloud service and haven’t updated the app for about a year and a half. There w AAords not mine “discontinued because it wasn’t cost-effective due to low demand” Their own cameras, some very expensive HDTVs and other Samsung computer mobile hardware are not supported by Smartthings. Samsung is now outsourcing it’s Smartthings hub to Aeotec, formally Aeon Labs when it was located in silicon valley. It’s now located in Hamburg Germany. Links to references soon, Samsung says they are committed to support this going forward but that could change on a dime. My point being at some point sooner than later Wyze is going to file an IPO or sell out or purchased by the likes of Amazon, Again those that helped you get where you are, customers partners, early adopters will be dumped by text or email if we’re lucky, with nothing more than useless e-waste, less money in the bank and left holding the check again , Left vulnerable once again . My #1 reason for purchasing Wyze products was because they were listed and certified compatible wirh Google to stream video to my devices. Chromecast and other displays.

I tend to agree.
That whole Smartthings…thing is why I’m now advocating for Home Assistant integration. I’ll keep using ST more than likely, but I’ve setup a HA hub and am fiddling with it. Open source is really my fave.

The lack of Smartthings integration is the main reason I have not invested in the Wyze ecosystem outside of the Cams.

To be frank, most people do not like proprietary systems for reasons as stated in the article posted earlier.

In fact Samsung themselves realized this and have decided to stop making Smartthings IoT products themselves to focus more on the software platform and third-party hardware integrations.

For this reason Wyze is seriously losing out on a market that could greatly expand their reach.

Just being affordable is not enough… without playing nicely with major Smarthome platforms, especially those that appeal to the non-techie dyi’er like Smartthings is starting to do, Wyze is missing out on a huge market to expand their reach.


Anything happening here after 2+ years of researching?


It’s not going to happen.