SmartThings Integration

I started requesting smartthings integration as soon as Wyze started selling the motion sensors and and contact sensors. I did use virtual sensors to connect Wyze to smartthings via use of IFTTT. As I have not been impressed with the reliability of the Wyze Sensors (sensors and bridge go offline 2-3 times a week), I will start to stop using my Wyze Sensors and begin to utilize Alexa routines more, and purchase other contact sensors and motion sensors that are compatible with Smartthings. Anybody know when IFTTT will start the only 3 applets functioning? I did not see any indication of the change over. IFTTT was fine for me, a little lag, but acceptable. Is it worth $10. @ month, not to me as I will use Alexa and Webcore and Smartthings routines.

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Being able to use the cameras as motion sensors (like when they see motion they just send something to smartthings) that would be highly useful.


Bluetooth Headphones and SmartThings integration are entirely two different things also. Headphones are quick and easy since WYZE usually uses hardware that is already made and just makes the firmware. Headphones will also bring in money. SmartThings integration is all software and security, much more work on their end.


Okay, firstly, it’s hard for me to believe that it is easier to source new hardware and make brand new firmware for a new line than it is to modify existing firmware to give people access to your existing API. You already have people - volunteers working for free - who have managed to use the scraps of code which are known to make proto drivers for Hubitat and Smartthings.

Secondly, based on what I’ve seen on this forum and on Reddit and other websites, Wyze could realistically expect to sell several thousand more cameras if it were to introduce this feature. That’s a revenue stream from an existing line of products which requires no new hardware investments on their side. And not just any line of products but the core business/product which made their reputation what it is today.

I really don’t understand the basis of your argument here.

IFTTT has already limited my applets so you’ll probably see it in a day or two at most. If you are mostly interested in adapting sensors, check out Home Assistant. They’ve managed to get the sensors to work with their system by plugging the Wyze bridge into the device you’re using to run HA (usually a Raspberry Pi). I’m considering selling my Wyze cameras and buying some Eufy ones and using the sensors through a Raspberry Pi running HA.

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I switched from vitrual switches to simulated alexa switches and linked wyze contact and motion sensors and smartthings through alexa. I have much more reliable automations now and was able to cut out IFTTT for all the contact and motion sensors.

you can create virtual switches in alexa?

I might need to move back into that ecosystem.

To clarify, the simulated alex switches are created in SmartThings. I then link the Wyze device in Alexa to the Simulated Alexa SmartThings switch with Alexa Routines. I can then control the Wyze devices with SmartThings and Webcore automations.

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I found the ST SmartApp for it, thanks. Looks like it’s not yet compatible with the new app.

Can I ask - what SmartApp?

SmartApps are little apps withing Smartthings that do different specialized functions. Basically…

Yeah, No sorry I meant which one specifically …

yeah, sorry, I misunderstood

Get the “Community Installer” and the alexa switch maker will show up in that.

How can we become a beta tester for wyze smartthings!!! I own a lot of wyze products that are still sitting in boxes early backers lol. But I have not used them do to having no smartthings gs or HomeKit

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I already stop buying Wyze until they work with SmartThings!