SmartThings Integration



It would be a great help to complete the smartthings integration.


I’ll stop world peace and eradicate world peace if you do it… Wait, I think I got that backwards…


It would be great to have the smartthings integration


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Smartthings integration would make this my hands-down choice for a security camera. I want to avoid another smart home app, IFTTT integration, etc. I love working with webCore rules engine and so integration here would be awesome.

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Would be the one functionality missing, before i plaster my home with Wyze’s


Ohh, this would be amazing!
For me it’s three things I would like to see:

  1. the possibility to access the motiondetection so it can trigger events in ST
  2. The possibility to stop/start detectionmode
  3. The possibility to trigger event when camera start recording