SmartThings Integration



It would be a great help to complete the smartthings integration.


I’ll stop world peace and eradicate world peace if you do it… Wait, I think I got that backwards…


It would be great to have the smartthings integration


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Smartthings integration would make this my hands-down choice for a security camera. I want to avoid another smart home app, IFTTT integration, etc. I love working with webCore rules engine and so integration here would be awesome.

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Would be the one functionality missing, before i plaster my home with Wyze’s


Ohh, this would be amazing!
For me it’s three things I would like to see:

  1. the possibility to access the motiondetection so it can trigger events in ST
  2. The possibility to stop/start detectionmode
  3. The possibility to trigger event when camera start recording

  • The possibility to turn camera on/off :blush:


+1 on the ST integration…PLEASE. Tired of using multiple apps to manage my house and view cameras


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+1, also no additional bridge or hub needed would be great. I’m starting to try and elimate middleware whenever/wherever possible.


Yes, please. Just picked one up. Will buy several more if I get some native ST integration. Just being able to build it into my routines would be a huge quality of life improvement, but being able to trigger the cam on other sensors would be fantastic. Very cool that you are reaching out and being engaged with your customers.



This would grow your market tremendously


Upon what data do you base this prediction?


Because this question comes up all the time.
There is no reasonably priced camera with native support for ST.

  • How many customers do you think SmartThings actually has?
  • What percentage of those will buy a Wyze Cam (if integrated)?
  • What percentage would by a Wyze Cam anyway? i.e., what is the real “incremental sales” difference?
  • How much could Wyze Cam incrementally increase their sales by focusing their resources on other integrations, features, and new products instead of SmartThings?


i would like integration to:

  • View Live Feed on Smarthings
  • Allow detect motion to triger things on ST
  • Allow to turn On/Off cameras/record on security related events (as alarms)

if it is possible for sure i will turn off notifications on Wyze App and delegate notifications on ST


Reasonably priced WYZE cam integrated with ST will be just as popular as Xiaomi/Aqara zigbee sensors.
They doubled the price after the compatibility was “discovered”, and people still buy them.
So WYZE cam team don’t be late to the party! :wink:


Add my vote. Been a ST user for several years a d added 3 Wyze Cams since Christmas. My wife likes the cameras better than ST and integration would be great. Thanks.