SmartThings Integration

I would like this to work locally now that SmartThings is going to do local processing as much as possible. Source = SDC 2019 and other comments by Samsung developers.

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So I have created virtual switches so I can add Timers between Wyze PIR and other products I have, What I have noticed…

When PIR Detects motion it switches on my sonoff switches immediately (switch goes on, on ST app).
When PIR is clear it switches it off easily

If I include Sonoff Bulbs in above routine, there is such a lag between Wyze cloud and ST cloud that my bulbs keep going on and off. PIR tells ST to switch off bulb, Wyze cloud is so slow that by the time it actions anything, ST has already changed and then it thinks it should be switched back on - yes very confusing I know.

Anyways. Please bring native ST integration - it can only improve your cash flow…

I have done this. Work well with the sensors and PIR but sucks with bulbs - cloud integration too slow so switches lag on and off.

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You can indirectly do this now thru Alexa if you have gone that route but I would love to see direct Smart Things integration

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Wyze’s lack of integration with other smart home platforms is what has been preventing me from purchasing additional Wyze products. SmartThings Integration would be wonderful !

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Deleted the smartthings app and virtual stuff I set up - it just didn’t work.

Alexa works fine thanks for the recommendation.

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I’m starting to move everything I can to Smartthings. It seems to me to be more reliable then Alexa routines. I’ve never really had issues using routines for Wyze Sense though. I hope they do integrate with ST soon. However for now it works fine in Alexa routines for me.

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I love my wyze cameras and would love to have them integrated into smartthings. As a handicapped person and confined to a wheel chair your cameras have helped me be safer in my home and give the the ability to see areas I do not have access to. I rely on my smatthings items for so many things and would love to be able to do different customizing with the cameras included. We have two of the pan cameras right now and have plans in our budget to get several more to replace others we have around the house. I can’t say enough on how helpful your cams have been and looking forward to see what else you guys bring to the table…Thank you


Im sorry to hear of your condition. As a fellow disabled person I’m in bed most of the time. I can attest that the cam pans are wonderful to have in house. Wyze has done a wonderful job of trying to integrate their products to help disable people. I have talked to @WyzeGwendolyn many times about how they could improve the products or how they could use their products to help disable people and she’s always very open to suggestions. I emailed 15 home automation companies asking if they would come up with some kind of plan to aid disabled people with home automation. The only company that replied to me was Wyze.

I’m sure you will agree with the statement that I told them all.
“Most people use home automation as a luxury disabled people use home automation as a necessity.”

Gwendolyn and I even talked about a way to start a page where not only disabled people but everyone can share tips on how they have come up with unique ways to use Wyze products and that will aid us more in the disabled community. For example a deaf man got a Wyze smart bulb and when his wife needs his attention she flashes the bulb on and off. And another women is diabetic so when she needs insulin she flashes the light on and off in her husband’s home office and he knows to take her orange juice. There are so many ways that we can utilize home automation to better ourselves that we don’t have to depend on other people so much. It’s very freeing.
For instance if they develop a colored bulb that would be great. We can use different colors to tell our loved ones or care takers what we need. Red could be emergency and green we just need water. Lol.

God Bless


TinyCam duplicates a lot of the abilities of the Wyze app, like motion detection. Is there a connection between TinyCam and SmartThings?

The lock would be the easiest thing to integrate into the smartthings system as it uses zigbee…I think the home assistant community is trying to figure out how it communicates with the hub, but even when they do find out it will take someone making a device handler for smartthings.

We have a separate RTSP firmware for people who want that on their wyze cams, I wonder if we could get a similar firmware for the lock for those of us that want to use our own hubs?

Do you use tiny cam and if so do you use it a lot? I’m asking because I’m going to start using it and if I’m need some assistance I was wondering if I could call on you for help? If not and you’re too busy I completely understand

I use Tinycampro and love it. It has a great widget for android and tons of other features to play around with. I can’t guarantee I’ll know the answer, but feel free to ask me questions anytime. I’ll try my best to answer.

Awesome @gkrynick22. I’m going to be using it on my Amazon fire TV.


Let’s not hijack this thread with non SmartThings talk. This link should have everything you need to know to set up TinyCam on Wyze cameras.


I’m not hijacking it. I simply asked if someone would give me help. I can private message him as he’s willing to help and it won’t affect this thread in the least. Your thread is safe

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Already taken care of but thank you Loki. And I wasn’t going to hijack the thread. I sent him a personal message and we spoke over the phone. I know not to hijack a thread I was just asking if he would be willing to help. And he was. He was a extremely kind gentleman.


Wyze and Smartthings are compatible utilizing IFTTT and virtual switches in SmartThings.

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They are but the implementation is horrible.

I suspect the wyze or Samsung server is just too slow to communicate with each other resulting in delayed action which change a on request into an off - example below.

When I switch on my wyze bulbs through ST, it turns on and then automatically turns off again. I suspect that the server is too slow to manage all the integrations.

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