SmartThings Integration

Using RTSP and tinyCam I was able to get the video feeds to show in ActionTiles so I am content now but v3 security and rtsp/mpeg should be priority. There are too many smart home manufacturers from China putting security as second nature.

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One more for SmartThings, or Home Assistant (my personal preference), or any kind of API so users can do the integration work for you, for free. I just got 2 Wyze Cams to try out and so far am loving them… except to find out the only way I can integrate with any kind of motion events, or automate updating a setting on the cam (turn alerts on/off/etc), is through… IFTTT? Is that correct, or have I missed something somewhere?

The “home automation people” using these systems are the people who spend the big bucks on the things you’re trying to sell. And I’m pretty sure we all hate IFTTT. If I could integrate with my home automation system I’d literally go out and buy into the whole Wyze ecosystem with sensors and at least 10 more cameras right now, because the cameras really are great and I’ve heard the sensors are as well. But until I can actually use them how I want, I can’t bite, and unfortunately will be investing in other equipment that does play nicely with others in the mean time.

Wyze is does play well with Google and Alexa if you dabble in those

I took my first non-wyze camera back because it could not be controlled or responded to at all via Smartthings/webCoRE. So I bought a Samsung camera but even it is limited. I have 12 Wyze bulbs but they are the last I will buy because I have to control them via IFTTT which as you said, we all love to hate.

But without integration to a proper hub (ST in my case), I will not be buying any more Wyze hardware in spite of the greatness of their hardware.

I use Alexa. Looks like I can view a cam on Alexa, but that’s it. I’d take Alexa routines over IFTTT but I’m not seeing the ability to really do anything else with Alexa.

I just have Alexa on my phone that’s it but I have Groups and routines both done on Alexa. If you download the Alexa app on your phone if you have an iPhone it the cheeseburger or the three lines in the left-hand corner and you can see Routines. And groups is just the white circle with the black + In the middle of it. I have a routine that says someone’s here and it turns on my Wyze lightbulbs and then also the Lutron lights that are controlled by Swiches. And then I have another routine that says goodbye and it shuts everything off outside.

Yes, I understand that. I have a ton of routines which I use to bridge my Home Assistant setup with Alexa for many different things. I was referring to the fact that if there was more WYZE functionality available in Alexa rather than just viewing a camera, you could use that to bridge at least some functionality into your home automation platform of choice - I guess SmartThings for the sake of this thread.

For example, all my Ring devices expose events I can listen for, as well as properties I can change, within Alexa. This would let me do something like “When This Happens > Smart Home > Front Door Motion” (when my front door Ring detects motion) then set the “Action” of the routine to call your home automation platform, at which point the doors are open and world is yours to do as you please. I can also change Ring device properties in Alexa Routine Actions, for example “Action > Smart Home > All Devices > Front Door > Snooze Motions Alerts” and trigger this Alexa Routine from my home automation platform when it knows I’m leaving. Now, I don’t have to do any of this because Ring has proper APIs and I can just integrate directly with it from my smart home system… but if it didn’t, you could do it this way using the Alexa Skill and Routines.

In short - If the WYZE camera events and properties were exposed through the Alexa Skill, we could at least somewhat get around it’s lack of integrations and APIs. But… all Alexa can do is view the camera :frowning:

That’s not true all my Wyze devices show up on Alexa. The lights, motion sensors, contact sensors, the plug-ins and the cameras everything I can see them all right there in my device list.

I can ask Alexa what’s the status of my back door because I have a contact sensor on it and she’ll say current status is closed and light is off. Because I have a Wyze lightbulb outside it’s tied to the door so when the door opens the light bulb comes on

I can even have her unlock and lock my new Wyze deadbolt with the beta app.

I am only speaking to the cameras here. Sorry for any confusion on that. I just got them today to try them out. I can see both my cameras as devices in Alexa, and can pull up the video feed fine, but I am not seeing them or any events they’re exposing as available triggers for a routine, nor am I seeing the ability to change any properties on them within an action. They both appear in the “Unsupported” section of devices when viewing the device list for an action.

The desired functionality, as an example, would be to turn motion notifications on or off for a selected camera device.

Yeah I think you’re right with the cameras all you can do is view them. I grouped them and then tried to do a routine by adding them via a group and they were grayed out. So you’re right all you can do is view the cameras right now through Alexa unless someone else know something I don’t know

I have been a huge Arlo Pro fan since they came out. I have 8 of them around my property either continuously plugged into power or on solar panels. They work flawlessly. My only gripes with them was that I have to have 2 accounts to get their cloud service for free because of their camera to account limitation and the expense of them.
I was turned onto WyzeCams by a coworker who uses them with a different firmware as IP cameras and records the video to his own DVR. I thought wow, these are great cameras, the picture kinda rivals Arlo in many ways, great price and one account. I was sold on them enough that instead of adding more Arlo I bought 8 Wyze cams in the past 3 months to put inside my home. I dont want to have to deal with open source firmwares and stuff, plus my partner prefers to use just one interface to access all the smart things in our home. I was very surprised to find out there was no SmartThings integration. This seems like a no brainer as they have a whole ecosystem that supports a huge list of other manufacturers. I had a Wink hub prior and it was buggy and limited . Until Wyze I had not found a device that I could not connect to ST either Native or with a device handler.
We just purchased a new house and the people buying our current house want us to leave the Arlo system, but because of the expense to replace them and the lack of ST support with Wyze I am having a hard time agreeing to it, if not for anything than my partners peace of mind.
We have tried homekit and its extremely buggy and honestly as much as I like Apple products this is the one thing they have not put much thought into. Alexa integration is great, but we have different Alexa accounts and trying to get the Wyze account added to both accounts and working has been a pain, and even when it does work, it has limitations.
Smartthings hands down has the best customer support and community, it is also the most adopted platform out there. That you would even consider putting Homekit on a faster track to integration before ST defies logic and makes me question that your priorities are ease of use and affordability as your CEO stated recently in an interview.

Some people want ease-of-use and affordability. Some people don’t want to or have the ability to do a lot of tinkering and messing with software and adding other software and stuff like that. They want to be able to plug it in and have it work. And I believe that is one area that Wyze is excelling at that other companies aren’t. They’re being unique. I do imagine overtime they will continue to add abilities and capabilities for their products but for now what they’re doing It’s satisfying a lot of customers because their customer base is growing tremendously fast.

Who is “tinkering”? I don’t tinker with my Arlo Pro cameras. I charge them up, mount them and they work. In SmartThings I scan and add them, pretty much the same way you add Wyze Cams to Alexa now. No tinkering or messing around at all. Its the same way
with HomeKit finding them. It just works. Providing SmartThings integration in no way interferes with you just plugging them in and working using only the Wyze app. They aren’t being unique, they are trying to create their own ecosystem that they do not
have the ability to support as you can see by the problems with Wyze lights that are still occurring months after they were reported. they are growing tremendously thanks to strategic marketing this past holiday season and their price point.

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I’ve got 13 lights in my house and had zero issues. As have many others. What you have to remember is that most people that comment are the people that have problems. I worked retail I understand that concept very well. People that are happy with products rarely ever comment or leave a review. It’s the people that aren’t happy or have issues that are vocal. And they are usually the minority. And when you read their reviews it’s because they don’t know how to properly use the product.

It’s been a while since I’ve been on this forum. My spouse went into the hospital for about 10 days, and since coming back home I’m administering intravenous antibiotics every 6 hours, in addition to the usual caregiver duties, so I haven’t had a good night’s sleep in a very long time.

But during that time, I saw the Samsung SmartThings hub on sale for less than $50 and decided to buy one.

It’s plugged in to a switch on the home Ethernet and working, but not doing anything.

I bought it because Google, Amazon and Apple decided to standardize with the Zigbee Alliance protocol, but right now I feel like I’m wasting technology with the hub just sitting there doing nothing.

Can anyone suggest a fast track to programming my new hub?

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It doesn’t integrate with Wyze, so I’d try a SmartThings forum and forget about Wyze products.

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You can get WYZE devices to work on it in a work-around fashion. I would check out the smartthings forum. I would look into something there called WebCore it will let you do many things (more with SamrtThings compatible devices). You can create virtual switches and sensors in SmartThings and have the WYZE sensors trigger those in SmartThinbgs via IFTTT.
I have all my WYZE devices tied in to SmartThings in one form or another.

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