SmartThings Integration



Yes, please! I’m all for Smart Things integration!


Live camera is no longer a part of the new APIs current list of supported Capabilities (though the list is evolving).

In other words, SmartThings seems to be pulling back from integrating streaming IP cameras and similar from their platform.

Media Control (TVs, playback, etc.) are still included; but perverting these Capabilities isn’t likely advisable.

ActionTile/Smartthing Support!

Interesting. Kinda odd then that Ring camera still have live video through the new SmartThings app.


Less odd than “mysterious” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:!

What Capabilities does the Ring Camera DTH claim?


hard to tell. isn’t in the public repo.


Run “Simple Device Viewer (?)” SmartApp against it. It reports all the claimed Capabilities of any selected DTH.


Sad to see this got filed to maybe-later. They obviously aren’t obligated to, but would be cool if a Wyze staff member commented on that decision.


I dont lose the hope for this!!!


NOOOOOOOoooooooooo (cries in Blink camera all over again)


right now, we are focused on Google integration, due to limited resources.


Thanks for the response @WyzeDongsheng Google integration as a higher priority makes sense. Hopefully once it is done, SmartThings can be considered.


I think there could be two different things that people mean when asking for smartthings integration.

  1. Video feeds
  2. Control of the cameras (on/off, motion/sound alerts enabled/dissbled)

If it helps at all the main thing I want is a way to do #2.

In an ideal world we could turn a subset of cameras off when we get home/disarm the alarm, then turn on/ebable alerts when we leave it during certain times, etc.


This is exactly what I am referring to with integration and what I am looking for as well!