SmartThings Integration

This is the single dealbreaker for me. It’s the difference between owning 1 camera out of curiosity and owning 8 cameras for actual usable integration into my system.

I have to agree KenA. I just received my Wyze Sense Starter Kit yesterday and set it up. I am a bit concerned about connectivity to the “bridge”. It seems a bit temperamental with maintaining connection to the sensors. I could have my entire house armed with these sensors if they were ST or Alexa compatible AND the didn’t need a camera bridge nearby. The second concern, a camera nearby, is a new concern for me after setting up two contact sensors and a motion detector…all three of which became “Offline” multiple times for no apparent reason. The Camera/Bridge was right next to them the last two times it happened and the only way I was able to resolve it was to restart the camera. Not acceptable if these are guarding windows/doors/ammo cabinet/etc. Also, at times there was an unacceptable delay win the Wyze app which was not repeatable. Also, unacceptable with a native app for sensors. Right now my SmartThings Motion Detectors are working perfectly with Alexa and Alexa Routines. I have two and am using them to turn lights on and off. The work very quickly and the mounting system is brilliant. If they were smaller and less expensive I wouldn’t be perusing the Wyze alternative. Meaning, if Wyze would get theirs to work reliably and quickly with ST/Alexa I’d buy them in 6 packs!

Please add ST I’d add 6 more cameras if you did.

ST adding support for WebRTC in Q1 2020. Maybe by then Wyze will be done with their cloud upgrades and @WyzeFrederik can work his magic :slight_smile:image

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It is imperative if Wyze wants to be the leader they open the platform to allow automation enthusiasts to integrate with other home automation control systems. There are many open source devs that could help Wyze build this integration. Unfortunately Wyze is keeping their platform very closed source. I don’t understand why your servers can not provide an API gateway that would allow an authenticated user key to be able to stream his/her cameras over a secure link? If that were so you could easily simplify these integrations to smart things with a device handler.

I suggest Wyze make this higher priority for 2020 - my future of buying any other Wyze smart home product is strongly dependent on having a SmartThings integration.