SmartThings Integration

I apologize if my response was not clear. @WyzeGwendolyn explained it better than I did. I’ll try to do better next time. :slight_smile:


Can’t wait for the smartthings integration :grinning:


The moment Wyze supports SmartThings, I will be making an order of several cameras and bulbs. I hope there is confirmation soon.


I’m a TOTALLY down for SmartThings integration!

I’ve tried many of the “smart hubs” out there and settled on SmartThings as the winner. I have one in my house, my mother-in-law’s house, my sister’s house, my son’s house and my daughter’s house - not to mention all the friends that I helped setup and buy them for. They had a somewhat rocky road going through the Samsung buyout, and the “new” app still doesn’t do everything the “old” one does, and it used to be somewhat flaky. However, I’d say for the last 6 months or more it’s been EXCELLENT. Very reliable - fast, and working the way I want it to. Hey, when my wife doesn’t complain then it’s a winner. One failure in months and she never lets me forget it. Just last month she recommended that we put one in our cottage - that’s how I KNOW they’ve finally got it right. The WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor) is now a go!

I’m also super into Wyze. I have every Wyze product they make as do all the aforementioned people (sister, cottage, mother-in-law, son, daughter & friends). We LOVE WYZE!

If you could put them together it would be amazing! If you could even just release a device handler for use in the that would do the trick for me! I’d LOVE to see a handler for the cameras, sensors, and bulbs. The code is really pretty simple. That way I could control and view them all from only one SmartThings app - and all of it’s cool associates (Google, Alexa, ActionTiles, IFTTT, etc) - all those and so many more can talk to SmartThings and it will be the go-between with Wyze.

PLEASE put this high on your wish-list! Don’t re-invent the wheel. Connect to the #1 Smart House platform and app and you will gain a huge immediate fan base and a ton of new features!

Thanks and keep up the great work!


You have no idea what you are talking about …

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Please don’t feed the trolls


A device handler will not do it for Smartthings (or any other system such as Wink) because those hubs cannot speak directly to the devices–I’m looking at you Bridge and Sensors.

The Bridge and Sensors are working on a “proprietary” frequency that ST, Wink, Etc, do not speak. So it has to happen at the API level, which means back-end support. It’s still a cloud based connection, but at least it would be A (Smartthings) to C (Wyze) rather than A (ST) to B (IFTTT) to C (Wyze).


But the cameras and bulbs could be integrated right? I mean that alone would be huge!

Also, if they do water sensors and those follow some standard (WiFi, Zigbee or Z-wave) then those could get added too - we’ll see.

Sure, via the same API route. There’s no direct link between ST and Wyze devices outside of API level.

Wi-Fi is a data standard, not a “control” standard.

Z-Wave/Zigbee are data standards, but moreso control standards. Since their bridge is non-standard, there’s no reason for them to create devices that don’t rely on their bridge.


@holocron is correct when he says any integration would have to be through the API route.

It would be so awesome to see Wyze support SmartThings natively. Right now I’m using IFTTT to get some basic integration, but it’s clumsy and limited.

One thing I’d really like to do is turn cameras off based on SmartThings’ mode. Like if it is set to “away” turn certain cameras on and back on when the mode is changed back to home." I use modes in SmartThings extensively so this type of integration would be super valuable.


I agree Kluebat.

One of the worst problems we all face with our new “smart homes” is the plethora of apps that don’t talk to each other or any common platform. All these wi-fi enabled bulbs, switches, thermostats, etc. that say “Works with Google” and “Works with Alexa” are fine, but who wants to have to “talk” to our device every time, or use a dozen different apps on their phones to control all the different devices?

That’s where a platform like SmartThings comes in - They talk to around 400 products and you only install ONE app. This is HUGE.

My wife HATES having to remember which app goes with which bulb and which plug and which sensor or lock or thermostat. That’s why I’ve thrown all my other cameras away (like 10 of them from various brands) and switched everything to Wyze. At least she can go to ONE app to see all the cameras. However, everything else I buy HAS to be SmartThings compatible and she’s happy.

We “techie people” don’t mind so much memorizing which of our dozen apps goes to which devices but to truly go mainstream and put it in our mother’s house, we need to be able to consolidate them all to one app and one interface with all the intelligence residing there - like “home or away” and schedules / vacations, routines, smart alerts and everything else. We all want our sensors and cameras to be able to trigger our bulbs and locks and thermostats. Wyze doesn’t need to be another smart house platform - just play well with others!


The only way I could see this working currently is if you are using the classic SmartThings app and also use WebCore, you could make it so when you mode goes to away it sends a request to IFTTT to set the cameras you want on. Obviously it is a convoluted workaround but would work. I would love to see native integration though.

THIS PLEASE!!! This IS my biggest complaint with the wyze Smart ecosystem. If you guys truly want to be a top competitor this needs to happen. Please pursue this integration.


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I would love to have this integration. Would be able to mix with my existing devices then!

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Wow. So, I totally love this thread and I love the Wyze community. I was totally stoked when I learned about their bulbs. I had 4 ready to purchase during Early Access and I missed the deadline. Here’s the thing… I already love the 5 cameras that I have surveilling my home right now. Wyze bulbs got me really interested into Smart Home Automation. So, I started to research all the possibilities and I determined that SmartThings was the way I wanted to go. So, I went back to see how I would integrate my Wyze stuff with SmartThings. I was surprised to find no integration. Actually, I was floored and my heart sank.

When Wyze bulbs finally got released (those 4 bulbs were still in my Wyze Cart), I passed on them for Samsung’s SmartThings Smart Bulb. It made no other sense. Had Wyze Bulbs integrated with my SmartThings, Wyze would have gotten my sale: without question or hesitation.


I also researched awhile back , and decided that for something like that , SmartThings was the best way to go, so, if/when wyze integrates with SmartThings I will get a SmartThings hub

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In my experience, any device (of any brand) that “works with Alexa” can be turned on and off using the Alexa app on my phone. Everything in one place.

I just bought a couple of cameras and 2 boxes of sensors. i did not even consider for a minute that Wyze did not integrate with ST. Makes little sense, Very disappointed. Do love the Wyze products and hope that ST integration is around the corner.