SmartThings Integration


From what I can tell, the current SmartThings hub supports Zigbee out of the box so I don’t know what you’re rambling on about.

Regardless, I don’t care to boycott SmartThings even if they straight up didn’t allow Zigbee because I have a SmartThings device and therefore I want SmartThings. If you want it on another hub then go and vote or make a new suggestion. Don’t come to other threads and make a stink to “prioritize” your hub or whatever it is your expected outcome is.

Also, keep politics out of a feature request for a security camera… it just makes you look crazy.


“Instead of proving me wrong or discussing and counting votes the SmartThings crowd with Wyze assit employed trumpian/republican approach: delete the vote they do not like, complain to Wyze because they do not like my opinion and cause Wyze to stupidly censor perfectly fitting opinion.”

The issue here is SmartThings Integration. To be clear, people are here to learn about Wyze and Smartthings and deserve some respect. This is not a forum for the insecure to prove themselves worthy (need to be right). This is not a platform for attacking those with alternative political positions. This is not a discussion on whether or not Wyze is smart enough to accept your personal opinion. Please stick to the topic or find a political forum where you can vent your rage on those who do not agree with your personal opinions.

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I cannot figure out what you are on about.
Fine… hate smartthings peripherals if you would like (I agree… they suck) so don’t buy them!
Buy monoprice or hue or leviton or GE or tp link or wemo or cree or eaton or lifx or schlage or osram or sylvania or sengled or kwikset or yale or enerwave or ecobee or honeywell or zen or netgear… can go on and on… Point here is that the smartthings HUB is a highly compatible/integratable system that has the ZIGBEE and ZWAVE protocols.
P.S. I understand the need for plug and play novice systems like wink as well.


i’m not even sure what Samsung’s implementation of zigbee has to do with Wyze? “nobody” is rambling on and on about things that have nothing to do with a potential Wyze and SmartThings integration. Wyze obviously wouldn’t use zigbee integration since their sensors aren’t zigbee. if Wyze were to integrate with SmartThings, then it would be cloud-to-cloud. The same way they integrate with IFTTT, Alexa, Google Home, etc.


I don’t see the problem, if Wyze integrates with SmartThings, and you don’t want to use it,
You don’t have to, pretty simple


@nobody, your post was hidden automatically because it was flagged by other members. We (the mods) have restored your post twice now because it doesn’t violate the Community Guidelines. That is what Wyze requests us to do with posts like this. :slight_smile:

To all commenting on this thread, some of these comments are bordering on personal attacks. Please refrain from doing so and keep your replies civil and on topic.


Sure – somebody hits with fascist attack – and all I have to do is thank them.

Civil – does not mean forgiving.

I understand that moderator job is not easy – been there done that – but Wyze did not ask you to delete messages just because they express opposition to efforts to Wyze doing something to be communicating with SmartThings until SmartThings does an effort to be more open than it is.

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The moderator didn’t remove the post. It was removed by the forum software. The moderator manually restored your post.

Thank you for clearing this. My apology to the moderator.

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You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

I’m in favor of the SmartThings integration. (I have this)

I’m in favor of the Wink system integration. (I have this also)

I’m in favor of Hubitat integration. (I don’t have this)

Wyze is slowly building up a collection of smart home automation devices. It would be in their interest, IMO, to have some direct integration, rather than relying on third party connection services, such as IFTTT.

Since they did not build, particularly the sensors, around a common standard such as Z-wave or Zigbee, then additional integration at the API level is going to be required.


I apologize if my response was not clear. @WyzeGwendolyn explained it better than I did. I’ll try to do better next time. :slight_smile:


Can’t wait for the smartthings integration :grinning:


The moment Wyze supports SmartThings, I will be making an order of several cameras and bulbs. I hope there is confirmation soon.


I’m a TOTALLY down for SmartThings integration!

I’ve tried many of the “smart hubs” out there and settled on SmartThings as the winner. I have one in my house, my mother-in-law’s house, my sister’s house, my son’s house and my daughter’s house - not to mention all the friends that I helped setup and buy them for. They had a somewhat rocky road going through the Samsung buyout, and the “new” app still doesn’t do everything the “old” one does, and it used to be somewhat flaky. However, I’d say for the last 6 months or more it’s been EXCELLENT. Very reliable - fast, and working the way I want it to. Hey, when my wife doesn’t complain then it’s a winner. One failure in months and she never lets me forget it. Just last month she recommended that we put one in our cottage - that’s how I KNOW they’ve finally got it right. The WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor) is now a go!

I’m also super into Wyze. I have every Wyze product they make as do all the aforementioned people (sister, cottage, mother-in-law, son, daughter & friends). We LOVE WYZE!

If you could put them together it would be amazing! If you could even just release a device handler for use in the that would do the trick for me! I’d LOVE to see a handler for the cameras, sensors, and bulbs. The code is really pretty simple. That way I could control and view them all from only one SmartThings app - and all of it’s cool associates (Google, Alexa, ActionTiles, IFTTT, etc) - all those and so many more can talk to SmartThings and it will be the go-between with Wyze.

PLEASE put this high on your wish-list! Don’t re-invent the wheel. Connect to the #1 Smart House platform and app and you will gain a huge immediate fan base and a ton of new features!

Thanks and keep up the great work!


You have no idea what you are talking about …

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Please don’t feed the trolls


A device handler will not do it for Smartthings (or any other system such as Wink) because those hubs cannot speak directly to the devices–I’m looking at you Bridge and Sensors.

The Bridge and Sensors are working on a “proprietary” frequency that ST, Wink, Etc, do not speak. So it has to happen at the API level, which means back-end support. It’s still a cloud based connection, but at least it would be A (Smartthings) to C (Wyze) rather than A (ST) to B (IFTTT) to C (Wyze).


But the cameras and bulbs could be integrated right? I mean that alone would be huge!

Also, if they do water sensors and those follow some standard (WiFi, Zigbee or Z-wave) then those could get added too - we’ll see.

Sure, via the same API route. There’s no direct link between ST and Wyze devices outside of API level.

Wi-Fi is a data standard, not a “control” standard.

Z-Wave/Zigbee are data standards, but moreso control standards. Since their bridge is non-standard, there’s no reason for them to create devices that don’t rely on their bridge.