SmartThings Integration



We’re considering SmartThings but make no promises for now. This would allow people to integrate their Wyze Devices for automation with non-Wyze devices.




While RTSP gives more flexibility, I do appreciate the native support for SmartThings.


Hoping this will happen especially since I have to work around to link it to ST as IFTTT integration is broken right now. This is a big issue for me hope they fix it! Maybe Stringify integration if IFTTT to have other option? Stringify multiple IF conditions that IFTTT does not have.


100% official support would BLOW UP on the SmartThings community who have been reeling in pain for a great cheap camera ever since Blink royally screwed over the SmartThings community multiple times.

I would LOVE this.


yes please!!


While i am able to do some integration using IFTT it isn’t perfect, having native support would be a game-changer for both Wyze and Smartthing community


Please do!!! Also a vote for more native support through Actiontiles.


i logged in to support ST integration after we lost ST integration with Blink b/c of Amazon. been holding off on some extra cameras to replace old foscams.


This would be awesome, I created an account just to be able to vote this up.


I vote yes


yes please


I have three cameras now and would definitely buy more if this happened.i




Stop “considering” and just do it! I promise to buy more cameras if it works with SmartThings.:slight_smile:


I too support this integration and would receive value from this intgreation. I would be willing to beta test and provide feedback.


Please do it!!


Yess pleasee :slight_smile:


7 cameras now a more in the future…need ST integration! Yes! Do it!


I wonder if the new cloud-to-cloud tools that SmartThings/Samsung announced at SDC will make this easier?


Waiting for Smartthings & Google Home integration for buy a bunch of this cameras!!