Smart watch delivery schedule?

I ordered one of each size on Dec 2 and have heard nothing about either one. Sigh.

Yeah it seems wyze messed up the mailing lists, I pre-ordered mine on the same day and zero updates from Wyze in my inbox, I have to rely on the announcements in the community forum which is pretty sub par from Wyze but oh well.

I had ordered one of each size, plus a strap. Meaning my pre-order can’t ship until all three are simultaneously available. I think I was hoping they’d ship separately. Oh, well…

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I ordered the watches (2 x 47mm & 1 x 44 mm) on 12/3 and then a couple of straps on 12/4.

Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero. Nothing.

Your strap looks a little tight. :wink: