Smart watch delivery schedule?

I thought the watches were supposed to be delivered by now. Any idea if they’ve been shipped yet?

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Wyze has sent out multiple emails saying shipping starts in February.

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Must’ve missed them. Thanks!

You’re welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

Email on 01/21/2021 says delayed until early April.

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Sad face!

Yup, not good for a watch to be late.


I have not received any email from Wyze providing any status on when my Wyze Watch will be shipping. I’m hoping it ships in February since I ordered it the first day pre-ordering was available.

A couple days ago on January 28th, Jimmy from Wyze said via email that the watch wasn’t scheduled to be shipped until until early April. Personally I prefer the 47 if anyone ordered the 44. But the Wyze Band is cool too1

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Sign up for the newsletter, Wyze has been very good lately providing updates

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Just hoping it isn’t due on April 1st.

What’s wrong with April 1st?
That was the date the Army decided to swear me in. I’m still not sure who the joke was on.


Check out the following topic for updates.

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So much for January, February or March. Are they actually going to arrive I wonder?

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So much for January, February or March. Are they actually going to arrive I wonder?

Don’t give up!


I got my watch today. I have only used it for about 30 mins but it seems good. I wish there was a way to get the O2 reading to display all the time.

Lucky you…did they send you tracking or did it just show up? I see no tracking info on the system for me. Also when did you place your order? Maybe that would shed some light on who might get what and when.

I placed orders at the beginning of December and haven’t received anything yet. No tracking information when I view my orders page and status still says Pre-Order and not shipped.

I was on the 5th…I was hoping to see someone at least on the 2nd or 3rd report in on theirs being shipped.

So far so good. I even used a custom face.