Smart Watch API

Will the newly announced smart watch have an API for third parties?

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Not initially, maybe later, but maybe never. In their AMA this fall they said they are working on releasing public API’s for at least some devices, but there is no estimate on when that could happen or which devices. Sometimes things they are “working on” take several years to happen, and sometimes they happen within a few weeks. Just don’t make your plans based on “working on it” since several times that has taken several years, and sometimes is later canceled and never happens. Do it with hope, but not an expectation.


Echo the wish that they had an API. I’d like our app to have the ability to push messages to the watch.

So it does everything my cell phone does, either using built in or 3rd party Apps? No added functionality, other than blood oxygen readings from a part of the body medical devices do not use. 70% accuracy??? Blood oxygen under 80 is dangerous. An inexpensive device is at minimum 95% reliable. They can not get the Scale readings tuned, using two entire feet… should not be putting a watch out that is a gimic.

As a developer that just received my Wyze 47 watch, I am also very interested in an SDK. The 3rd party SDK was one of features that made my Pebble one of my favorite devices ever (I still have mine, but the screen malfunctioning :frowning: ).

I tried the Wyze. Sticking with my Pebble.

I see others would like the API. In our case, we’d use the API to push automated captioning and translation to the display – so the watch is the client to our software ( that is running on another platform.

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That would be incredibly valuable for people, particularly those who struggle with hearing. Granted, it would still have to use the phone’s microphone, but it would be so much better for them to be able to look at their watch while someone talks to them, rather than their phone.

Releasing the API’s would even make it possible for people to use all sorts of free options, increasing the watch’s value/usefulness significantly. Honestly, this was one of the main reasons I did not buy the watch yet…I need my watches to work with Sleep As Android, and that’s not possible until Wyze makes API available…once they do, I’ll probably a few of these watches.

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Actually, any phone’s microphone, including someone calling from another location. If they’d make an API available we could code it up in a week… (

Yeah, that’s cool. So many 3rd parties would do most of the work for them if they just released API’s.

I mostly said phone because I know the watches don’t have their own microphone, so the sound would have to be captured through the phone (which the watch must connect to), but that’s fine, because almost everyone has a phone with them nowadays. The phone can capture the sound, then you (or whoever) use the API’s to convert the text/captions to the watch. It would be even better if Wyze added a microphone for their next model of watch though.