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Is there a app for Samsung Smart TV? I would like to have the camera streaming live of our playroom when we have a lot of people over, so parents can see their kids.


I would try Chromecast maybe install the wyze app on a spare tablet or phone and cast it to the TV. I’m going to try this myself tomorrow but should work fine and should be the easiest way

The same question brought me here today. Would be great to display all areas at a glance on a larger screen

Hi @oldfalguy, welcome to the community!!!

If you have a Samsung TV like the op, and a Samsung smart phone, you can use smart view/quick connect to mirror your phone to the TV:

If you have different manufacturers you can probably still accomplish this, it would just take a little googling to figure it out. I also use Amazon fire stick, which can show you a video feed, but currently of only one cam at a time

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Thanks Steve- I never thought of going that route- Might could do it from IPhone but still we can not view all cams at same time live- pity


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If you can find a way to mirror your iphone to the screen, then group the cameras via the link below and you should be able to view multiple cams at one time… rotating the phone sideways will give a good view of 4 cameras

on a side note, I like your quote from Plato :+1:

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Oh wow I like that ability to group- Thank you very very much!!

Imagine that on a 75”…Wyze can …you…hear… us…? Get that app on Samsung

I know wishful thinking.


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I use a Dell Optiplex 5050 micro PC hooked up to a TV and then download blue stacks which allows for IP cameras to be viewed without restrictions. I currently have 8 cameras on one 50" Samsung monitor displayed all at the same time with no issues.

I’m trying to get the wyze app to my Samsung series 7 tv. I do not have any android devices so I can’t add the app through google play. If you have no android devices, how are you getting it to your tv? If I use my iPhone, I can mirror the device however, then I can’t use my phone for anything else while it’s mirrored for wyze camera. This technology crap is rough for people. It age 20’s

By the way, how are you using your fire stick to stream that video, I also have a fire stick hooked up

Alexa Integration


Thanks for the Alexa integration link!

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I’ve been using an old Iphone to screen mirror my cameras to my roku enabled TV which leaves my regular iphone free to make calls, etc.

The limitation is I can only get 4 camera views max on the screen at one time. With a large TV, it should be able to accommodate say 8 or 12 cameras with a software tweak. I also think a “slide show” mode would also be a great idea where you could rotate through cameras on a single or even multiple screen view. I just posted these thoughts on the “wish list” section.

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Has anyone done something similar with amazon fire sticks?

Samsung TV with native OS or running a fire stick?

No apps on the Google store to use on the TV’s?

Very cool workaround! Thank you!