Smart Sprinkler Controller

I would personally love to see what you guys come up with for a smart lawn sprinkler controller. If you are going after the whole smart home market, I could see that being an awesome product to look into.

That’s a total yes from me, although it may never become a real Wyze product. We can just dream. :sleeping:


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Voted YES, I’m interested.

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I would be interested in a smart faucet/spigot controller as much if not more to control watering methods beyond just a sprinkler system. A multi faucet/spigot splitter version we would definitely buy.

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Can you consider making a wifi sprinkler control system (in the price range of $29.99 to $49.99)? This would be a great addition to my wyze set. Thanks, Steve


A device to turn on/off water by on or off or by schedule.

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I’m looking into it! Question for everyone who already has an irrigation system: is your controller inside (as in inside your garage) or outdoor? Curious how many people need the weatherproof box.

My controller is inside the garage

Hello - My controller is in the garage. It is in a very robust and I think lockable and maybe weather proof case on the wall, but I don’t think the weather proof/outdoor proof aspect is necessary. Steve

Would be great to have a sprinkler that can both be controlled for normal watering as well as sensor triggered to scare off pooping neighborhood cats

I see a good number of outdoor boxes in the southeastern US, whereas I saw more garage mounts in the northeast. Before folks start voting, it seems reasonable to ask what exactly they mean by a “smart sprinkler controller”. Does that mean Wi-Fi control over scheduling? Tracking the total water that flows by zone? Automatically adapting water rates by local weather conditions?

Edit: I meant outdoor in the Southwest. My house came with a Wi-Fi multi-zone irrigation system, so not a likely customer in the near future.

I have outdoor system