Smart plug only connects to unsecure network

Purchased 4 smart cameras and the first one will not connect to a secure WIFI signal which makes it totally useless to me. I have requested a refund and a mailing label as I have spent hours trying to get this to work to include the firmware upgrade which fails each time. I do not have the time to debug their failed product. Does anyone have contact with a Wyze representative that will issue a refund and a mailing label. In addition I still have a camera that decides on its own to change MAC addresses on a whim, plus two cameras that change their names from “Wyze cam camera” to “Wyze labs extender (Garage)” ??? Frustrated to the max!!!

There is a link to Support in the top right corner of every page of this site. Once on that page, click on the blue chat bubble at the bottom of the screen to talk to a support representative.

Welcome to the community, @rbstoltz. I’m confused by the title of your topic in relation to the actual text of your post. Are you having plug or camera issues? I need to make sure the title of your post reflects what it’s really about so people can find it to assist you. :slight_smile:


I am having issues with both, but my main complaint is with the smart plugs that will only connect on an unsecured network.

I have 2 trouble tickets open and the camera issues are slowly getting resolved. The newer smart plug issue “broke the camel’s back” after investing 3 hours (should have been 2 minutes or less) trying to get a smart plug to connect to my secure network. That was the first one of 4 that I purchased and I gave up it is just is not worth the effort… After working 34 years in/on proprietary computer control and data acquisition systems (both hardware and software) if I had put a system or product of that quality into production I would have been fired.

Sorry, venting a little but not at you!


PS – on top of that I let it the smart plug connect to an unsecure WIFI network and it needed a firmware update. The update failed twice…

Sounds like you/they need a good project manager and I am retired do you/they need some help?

I don’t understand this. I haven’t received my plugs yet, but the Wyze cams won’t connect to an unsecured network. So my immediate thought is they did the Plugs the same way. We haven’t seen this issue from anyone else. Most of them have cams, which require a network with secure WPA2/WPA encryption. So your issue is very unusual.

Now that’s not to say that they might connect to an unsecured network (yet to tell for me), but I would certainly expect them to connect to a WPA2/WPA network, no issue. If you have a WEP network, then don’t expect them to connect to that. It is unsecure and not supported by the cams for that reason.

My plugs are connected to my secure WPA2 network. I don’t run an unsecure network.

During the setup process, you connect momentarily to a wifi network provided by the plug that is insecure but once your network information has passed, it will be on the secure network.

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Thanks for your response, but my smart plug stayed on the unsecured network. While it was on the unsecured network it attempted a firmware update twice and both times it failed. That was my last attempt as it had surpassed my level of patience at 3 hours into a setup that should have only been 2 minutes at most. Thanks again your input is really appreciated!

I still don’t understand. You are running an unsecured network to the Internet? What I’m wondering is whether you are talking about the unsecured network to the Plug. That has no Internet connection, so no firmware update would be possible.

Do you have cams? If so, I believe your network will have WPA2/WPA encryption. If not, make sure your router isn’t set for WEP encryption, or the Plug may not be able to switch to it.


No I am not running an unsecured network.

The smart plug connected via an unsecured network and to give it a test I let it happen. As soon as it connected it wanted to do a firmware update. The really interesting thing is it could see my secure network but wanted to connect to its own generated unsecured network and I could not change to the secured network no matter what I did.

And yes I have 4 cameras that are on a secured network.

I believe you are starting to see my confusion and frustration and I’m done debugging faulty equipment. My background is 34 years in the computer industry in both hardware and software.

At this point I have received an RMA and they are being returned Monday.

It has been nice chatting with you. Have a great day!


When you connect to the Plug, your system will likely tell you the Plug network is insecure. However, that is only a network to the Plug. Once the Plug receives the setup info, it should immediately switch to your secured network.

When you return to the app, it should confirm this, and ask you to name the Plug. So from the naming of the Plug onward, you are on your local secured network.

After that it should attempt a firmware update, if one is needed. So your description is quite outside what should be happening.


All three steps you mentioned below did not occur… It always stalled on step 4 after it saw the secured network , ignored it, and would proceed to only connect to the unsecured network. And that is where it “died” on every single attempt to get this product to work.

It never switched to the secured network although it had the secured network’s credentials it always stayed on the unsecured network. The setup sequence never got to the point to name the device on any network secured or unsecured.

Yes I agree with you my description is outside the what should be happening. I never tried the remaining 3 plugs (they are still “sealed”) of the four I bought, but I am fairly certain this one is defective.

If you’re using Android, you must acknowledge that it is connecting to a network without internet access or the process will stall. You may have to turn off your cellular radio as well.

If the plug has problems connecting to your 2.4 GHz WiFi, you can give that radio as separate SSID in your Access Point as well. Personally, I didn’t have to do this but it may be necessary in some cases.

Here are several items to check that can interfere with Plug setup:

Unfortunately I’m done with it as they are all packaged to be returned. Nice chatting with you!

As a final note your suggestions were all tested during my 3 hours of trying to get this item to work…

Have a great day!

I’m done, thanks for the suggestions and guidance.

Thank you so much for your nice detailed instructions. However I’ve tried a number to times and I’ve finally gotten to the screen that says: Step 4: Connect your phone to “Wyze_smartplug_apxxx” and return to Wyze App.

I go to settings and the only available networks are mine and a couple of neighbors.

I’m stuck. I’m guessing it’s operator error, but I would surely appreciate any insights or advice at this point. I’m an old lady and was once pretty tech savvy, but alas my brain doesn’t always work like it should. I have 4 of these lovely new plugs and I’d really like to use them.

I had to refresh the available networks a couple of times on my iPhone before one plug showed up. Each plug has its own SSID.

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The light on the Plug should be blinking blue. If it isn’t, then press the power switch on the side until it does.

One of mine took some time to show up in the list of networks. Be patient. If it doesn’t appear after a minute or so, then try resetting it by holding down the power button.

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That blue light just keeps blinking, I’ll try being more patient and see what happens.

I really hate to be a pest - I’ve patiently waited for the networks to come up, and sure enough the smartplug connection did. When I told it to connect, it ultimately told me “Internet may not be available” . It never asked me if I wanted to stay connected, But I ultimately got to a screen “connecting” and has the countdown. Then, it times out!