Smart Pet Door

I would love to see Wyze come out with a line of smart pet doors. I suspect a lot of people could use it. Looking for something that would allow the pet to come through but would prevent other animals from doing so. I wouldn’t begin to understand how perhaps RFID tag for the pet and a sensor on the door? I love Wyze products and have a house full. Help a fella out with a smart pet door.

There are a few smart pet door products on the market already but they are very expensive (~$200) and don’t have any integration. mostly working with either RFID but more often with implanted microchips (which is mandatory in a lot of country)
A wyze pet door that can be voice controlled through Alexa/google and is affordable, would be amazing but more importantly, with a good partnership with a large pet accessory retailer would simply be a massive visibility boost for wyze and another big way of entering more households while helping pet owners a big time!

I would like to see a WYZE Access Control Pet Door with Camera, scan common microchip ID, which can control in and out access.

  • Access control in and out with Pet microchip ID
  • Strong enough that racoon cannot flip open the door.
  • with front camera to detect who is tempering the door. stray cat, racoon or skunk
  • run on battery and AC
    -wifi and POE connection
    -Ask Alexia if my cats are back inside the house
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Is there a way to integrate the chip my cat has to unlock a pet door? Then I would get notifications if the cat went outside so I am not out there calling her when she is sleeping in the house. We have a pet bowl that will only open for the cat and not the dog as the dog was eating all the cats food.

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There’s a product from a company called SureFlap that does this exact thing. Only unlocking the cat door when it reads the RFID chip.

But does it integrate with Wyze? I have a system now but I have a Wyze door sensor on it to alert me when it opens and closes.


It doesn’t integrate with Wyze but they have a model that’ll send you notifications when your pet uses it.

Great idea Poe connection would be great for the smart pet door… just wonder if we would need to replace the whole door or cut out a small portion of the door for a large dog?

How about a smart Dog or chicken door?

How about a smart dog door that would let ONLY your tagged pet in or out and that could be programmed to restrict access to certain hours. Entry/exit activity would be logged.
The same could be done with a door for a chicken coop. I had one that would close at dusk, then open again for a minute to let in stragglers, then it would close again and open at dawn via photocell.

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