Smart Pet Collar

Smart pet collar:

There are a few products out there but they aren’t great, Wyze could do better.

Activity tracking and history
Geo fencing with alert on option for beep/shock
Option for bark prevention
Ability to send data to vet clinics

I have activity data for all dog breads and Vet ready to help develop. Please contact me to discuss R&D/funding if you choose to pursue. This is an item that could be on the shelf of every vet clinic in the US if developed correctly.

Pet Training Collar That Works with Pet Door, Wireless Pet Fence, Food Dispenser, Robot Vacuum

I’d like one pet collar that is:

  1. recognized by a pet door to let pets in and out. The door could notify me if the pet comes in or out. And can put the door on a schedule to not open and light up when the pet gets near so they know it is locked out.
  2. that also automatically stops dogs from barking
  3. works with a wireless fence with an adjustable range. Some wireless fences will shock the pet if the power fails and I definitely don’t want that.
  4. Could even integrate the collar to food dispenser or treat dispenser.
  5. I’d like to set a time twice a day and the food dispenses for them.
  6. And when I take one of them for a walk my remote clipped to my pocket keeps them from wandering more than 10 feet away or some other distance programmed into it.
  7. The pet collar could even notify the Wyze Robot Vacuum which pet to avoid because they are more skittish.
    Collar Features:
    The collar starts with an audible alarm, then vibrates and finally sends a shock at a level I can adjust. And I need a kill button on the remote (not for the pet) but for the collar in case of malfunctions.
    And I’d like to be able to buy a collar for all 5 dogs that works with the system as well.
    They need to be rechargeable with a couple of days active use and maybe 14 days standby.
    Have built in LED lights so if I need to find them at night I can turn on their LEDs.