Smart light switch and/or dimmer

I like the idea of using something like the SONOFF MINI 10A Smart WiFi Wireless Light Switch (Prime $14) and then Wyze selling me a battery powered, low profile WiFi switch that can control it. I’m not sure Wyze needs to bring out their own 3-way module since (I assume) there are ones already out there. I bet there is alot more work doing a unit that works with 110/220VAC (UL, etc), than a battery powered WiFi switch. I just realized Wyze is set for this with their low-powered network rather than WiFi.
Actually I would like a switch that automagically changes between being a relay switch (for fans) to being a dimmer for dimmable only LED lights.

Of course, this is all IMHO.


In a three-way switch application be sure to understand the Leviton solution (not sure about the others). The Leviton that I’m familiar with requires you to replace BOTH three-way switches ( With a little smarter design that understands that one of the two traveler wires will always have power, you don’t have this problem.

There is one made by Lesim ( that specifically says you only need to replace one of the existing switches. I would hope that Wyze would take this same approach.

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I have a TP link smart switch for my fan, it works great. They are reasonably priced, you can usually find them for $20 +/-. If you need 2 you can usually buy 3 way switch (comes with two 3-way switches) for $30 if you look. 3 way switches can be used as regular switches. Which is why I hope Wyze just skips the regular switch and just makes 3-way switches.


Would like you to adapt you plug into a wall switch. Would be great to control a room switch just like a plug.

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And please Wyze, when you do make an in-wall switch please allow it to have interchangeable color Decora shaped buttons in this order of importance (white/ivory/almond/black). So many good options in the marketplace are only available in white, while probably half or more of America has a whole house full of Ivory switches and faceplates in ganged groups where they only want to replace one or two switches to be smart, and leave others as dumb switches in their original color.

Yep, make one from the guts of a WYZE contact sensor.

I would like to see affordable simple Smart power switch from wyze

Light switches are needed for the simple fact that there are lights or devices that I would like to control that can not be accomplished with the wifi plug or bulb. Bathroom fan, or recession led light panel, Kitchen also recessed fluorescent lights, that I would love to have activated by Wyze motion sensor.

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I think Wyze does a great job making affordable products, adding a backlight would add to the cost, don’t you think? And some people want to turn off their lights and not have another light come on. Plus, since Wyze works with Alexa/Google you can always say “Alexa turn on switch”.

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I’d like to share why I would appreciate a smart switch, but first please Wyze, make color change kits for them. I have light almond and do not want to convert my house to white switches.

Anyways, I recently went on vacation, took my Alexa Show 5 with me. I have a Ring Doorbell and Outdoor Spotlight Cam, 3 Wyze cams and 2 Wyze plugs. I set up the plugs to turn on/off a light in my kitchen and and turn on/off my aquarium light. The light in the kitchen was a lamp that I had to set up and not my regular kitchen light (which is a ceiling light).

My intention was to turn on lights and TV’s (through Alexa) and make it look as if “someone was home”. My neighbors (upon my return) said they could tell we weren’t home because the lamp was dim compared to our normal kitchen lights.

That is why switches would be awesome! You could remotely make lights turn on/off and make your home appear as if people are there. But PLEASE make them where you can remove the white covers and replace them with other colors. I would pay extra for a custom color kit for my switch.

Ideally, I’d like to see one that wires into the existing wiring, fits in a standard junction box and can either switch off the 120v to the circuit (for dumb lights) or be set up to keep the 120v flowing and wirelessly turn off smart bulbs you may have installed. Allow device association to the switch so that a single press can activate whatever you group with it.

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I was talking to a friend who does commercial reconstruction in existing buildings for things like banks and offices, and he said that anything like a wall switch is being done wireless with 10-year batteries. I assume that Wyze has investigated this. It doesn’t make sense for Wyze to reinvent the wheel, they should bring this technology (I assume it’s standards based) to the consumer market.

I agree with the group. Smart switches would be an outstanding next product.


Add me to one of avid Wyze customers who’s anxiously waiting what innovative light switch product Wyze can come up with. I haven’t read this full thread, but I’m thinking of an add-on device that can be added inside light switch housing that can make it “smart” by being App controlled and be able to override/detect the position of the light toggle switch,

It being an add-on and behind the plate will generally be more appealing to the customers. Production/marketing will be much simpler as well, since will not have to worry about plate colors,etc.

Business-wise, this should be a viable product, right?

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I have a Switch-mate that magnifies over the existing toggle light switches but it does not have WiFi capability. A light switch that does have that would be great, just a suggestion.


I don’t see a point of using a smart switch with smart bulb. Mostly because every time you turn off the switch the bulb will turn useless because it will be powerless and the next time you will turn on the switch, the bulbs will need to reconnect to the network (and in some cases need to reconnect to the bridge too.

In this case I believe that more smart devices do not add but decreases the features instead.

Smart Switch PROs:
Control multiple bulbs (preferably not smart) – you can group multiple Smart bulbs too
May be able to dim (if the bulb is dimmable) – Smart bulb: Dimm and change color temperature too (waiting for the Full Color Smart Bulb from wyze :grinning: )
Schedule the function of the bulbs – can be done with the smart bulb too

Probably need the neutral wire in your switch as the switch needs to be powered all the time to be functional and many houses just run the black wire for the switch and bulbs (there are some expensive smart switches that workaround this tho) – for the Smart Bulb you just need to keep the switch on

Conclusion: IMO the only factor that would drive the use of the smart switch is if you have a room with multiple bulbs that you want to control with one cost effective device (assuming the cost of the switch is lower that the bulbs)

I’m not considering the impact on the wifi network as we are including more and more devices anyway.

I am not using the smart switch with the bulb. I have exterior lights running all over the outside of my house. The switch is on a timer that turns them off and on at certain times. With a WiFi enabled switch i would be able to control form other places if they needed to be turned back on or set to last longer. The app and switch is through Bluetooth so i have to be in distance to change everything.

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GE has new light switchs, that does not require a neutral wire. If done and priced right ,
they could grab the older home market.
Still waiting for my favorite company to jump on this !!!

Yep, just a simple replacement for an old fashion up on / down off wall switch that’s WiFi enabled and would simply override whatever position when manually flipped would be awesome. There are so many applications I can think of, outdoor light, entry lights indoor and outdoor, halls, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. A three way option would be needed and hopefully only one WiFi enabled required in three or four way applications! Great idea, just keep it simple and cost effective!

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I agree with Lake House, just need a wifi enabled switch that can be part of the Wyze environment. I have several rooms that use the motion sensors to turn on/off lights, it would be great to have an option like this in the kitchen, especially since the person that designed this place put the little switch 10ft from the entry of the kitchen. If the kitchen had socket for the wifi bulbs I would just install them instead, but as a renter, I limited to the updates/corrections I can do.

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