Smart light switch and/or dimmer

Yes, a smart switch would be great.

+1 for a smart switch.

This would be a perfect pair with the wyze plug. Essentially a switch that can control either an existing switch or a wyze plug.

It’s not always appropriate for me to voice command and turn on the lights and a switch to control a hidden wyze plug makes more sense. Or it pairs as a 3 way switch.

Spotted by someone on Facebook, looks like its coming 2022, thanks to the FCC

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Hi All!

I currently use the wyze plugs to control my lighting. They’re great forr scheduling but what i though would be useful is a connected wall switch so you are able to quickly turn on/off as opposed to opening your phone and using the app.

Anyone else have thoughts on this?

In that case you would just need a simple bluetooth button like the Amazon dash buttons, but programmable to any thing you want. In the absence of this I thought about using an entry sensor to just separate as a way to trigger some on/off event that I want. This could be a single switch like you’re saying or a series of switches (scenes) to shut down the house. Preferably a button type trigger would or switch would be ideal for this though.

Why can’t we just open up a wyze plug and wire it to the light switch?
Of course no dimmer.

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This should be no brainer. Wyze plugs and Wyze switches. Why not Wyze outlets too - have a dual 110v wall outlet with a couple of USB ports control by Wi-Fi and the Wyze App?

Lutron Caseta is very similar to what is suggested here.

Essentially their kit are a number of depart modules.

  1. A base station
  2. A light switch with IOT connections via base station
  3. A remote that looks like the light switch and can control any module in their systems like plugs or other switches. This includes adding a 2nd switch to control a single light switch.
  4. A plug IOT which can be controlled by the remote as well.

Their eco system is somewhat expensive though but it works without internet thanks to their base station. They also make smart blinds btw.

Personally it’d be nice if the wyze plug had other ways to trigger but there are other solutions if wyze isn’t planning to make this.