Smart light switch and/or dimmer

Please consider creating a 20 amp version of the switch as well. There really wouldn’t be any competition in this area, and Wye could get all of that business. I’d personally buy several for sure.

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From a brief search it seems this may be the only 20 amp smart outlet around, and it’s in-wall.

Same company makes a smart “router rebooter” cable that gets mixed reviews but appears to be a similarly unique product.

Yeah, but I’m looking for a smart switch, not a smart outlet. I appreciate you looking though.

What in my opinion is better is smart buttons a hardware device button can look like a light switch or even be made to cover an existing switch but would require zero rewiring of existing home wiring. These hardware buttons can be assigned to run whatever bulb or bulbs you want depending on the button you press will determine what lights are effected for easy modification of your current needs. So button press would be the same as using your phone just with an inexpensive button easy to setup with no wiring required. The ability to add or remove bulbs or any device that is assigned within a group really. I suggest this because I have 6 apartments I rent out and already tentants in 3 have tried to replace switches. I am 100 % a supporter of smart home and security for everyone but with a lot of ppl they are limited because they don’t own the property. Fyi my line is drawn at cutting into my home wiring for tenants. I have a few smart hardwired switched in my house and in the hallways of the 2 apartment buildings. But I also have dummy switches as I call them same functionality almost just no hardwiring… Here is the main difference hardwired switch cuts power at the switch and a dummy switch cuts power at the bulb. With a dummy switch I can add multiple switches for any light in ANY LOCATION I choose, not so for hardwired. But they basically work the same send signal to device switch or bulb

Also I’m sure a device designed to be hardwired hits a lot more federal regulations and requirements as they need to cut into the house wiring. But a dummy switch will be easier and cheaper . I love wyze products the only thing I hate is integration with non wyze devices is saddening

I can definitely see your point. I own my house, so I probably have a different perspective. I want to wire them in the wall so they don’t require batteries and will still work if the network is down.

I keep my modem router on a battery backup. But I mean if your power is out, lights don’t work anyway. If you have a generator make sure your automation and security router is plugged into an outlet that is powered from it. I do understand the battery issue but my switches have never had a battery replaced in over a year almost 2 they got bought before covid and now for instance I have a switch on both sides of my bed for wife and I and at the door. But also have a switch in my den that when pressed dimms all the lights to 5% turns tv on closes the curtains and turns the surround sound on way better than opening an app I will admit I got the hardwired ones first because I figured the non hardwired were inferior but after my 14 year old got one for me for father’s day I admit I was wrong it does everything and more., You can get them that look like regular switches that mount to wall and look exactly like any other wall switch u can get the round knob dimmers as well

It’s still not a feasible solution for me though. I want to be able to switch light fixtures that have multiple bulbs as well as my shop lights. All of those have to be hardwired, so replacing a single switch for is much easier (and cheaper) for me (granted I have a little electrical experience). I also have some flood lights outside that have multiple on a switch.

Def better option for outdoor lights and shop lights is a hard wired switch … One of the hardwired switches I do use is my garage. I build houses I have my csl and my garage is my “shop” more like storage space at this point, reminds me I need to clean it. I use hard wired switches and outlets out there because I needed 20 amp versions and my lights are not conventional bulbs so I can understand that I also used them in my apartment building hallways and I’ve never had an issue they do make nonwyze round dimmable, paddle, and standard smart switches. I’ve used levtron in some of the homes I’ve built and sold they worked fairly well.

Yeah, and those 15A smart switches do work for the hardwired lights, but if you have any outlets downstream of the switch, you’ll have to use a 20A switch to meet code (and I’ll not totally sure of a 15A switch with a hardwired load meets code or not).

I imagine some others have use cases for a 20A smart switch as well. I’d love to hear their situations as well.

Great! A programmable light switch is the only thing keeping me from “switching” from Hue lights. Please hurry

Not up to me, lol. I am just a user like you. :slight_smile:

This has been fun, but I am going to stop following this thread. Got several Hue and Wemo switches and they are doing great.

I would love to see this happen. I have an autistic son who wakes up at all hours and turns his light on then falls back asleep. He is not afraid of the dark but just likes to play with switches. I really would love to see the switch as a decor style button switch with a schedule and timer of course.

In my opinion, all the prior replies combined provided a comprehensive argument in favor of the smart switch. By just looking at a big box store isle full of bulbs, you can see the challenge of having to supply smarts in hundreds of variants. I’ll add that putting the smarts in one location, at the switch, is far more efficient than having to program a group of smart bulbs if more than one is being controlled. Beyond that, we need to always keep efficiency in mind. Touching a mechanical switch while exiting a door is far more efficient than pulling a smart phone out, accessing the app and device and then issuing a command. Although some folks might be intimidated by the installation process, I would hope they would embrace it as a learning experience and the Wyze instructions are above average in this case to address that subset of the customer base. Dimming might be a challenge with some loads. I hope they initially offer a simple relay version that requires a neutral line so that all types of loads can be controlled.

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Having a backup hub or central controller which would allow local control if Internet access goes down would be awesome. That would allow me to install the Wyze controls into more critical areas that would otherwise not be possible. So, if you have power issues, but advanced power backup solutions, that’s great and in your control. What you don’t have total control over is your Internet connection (or ultimately access to the cloud or the cloud services themselves). Technology is great when it works, but putting all those eggs in one basket isn’t wise (or Wyze?). At least not until there’s a means to provide local control. That would potentially offer a solution for automation to those that don’t yet have access to the Internet but have power. Think remote cabins, sheds, temporary structures, etc. It’s a smaller market, but it would also be an entry point into the commercial space. But going back full circle, it’s also a solution to the common consumer that wants ultimate reliability where they can still turn a coffee pot on if the Internet is down.

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I love the idea of a smart switch, but have a suggestion to dumb it down for ease of use and to remove the need for rewiring.

What I have in mind would mechanically turn existing Toggle or Rocker switches on/off.

Something like this in the WYZE platform:

I have used this in the past with Alexa (no longer use) and it worked great. This type of device provides for super easy installation and the flexibility to easily move.

Thanks for the consideration.

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Hi Wyze guys. I’ve noticed that Costco / Feit Electric are selling several smart devices, including smart dimmer switches, BR30 recessed bulbs, etc.
I’d rather not run multiple apps to control my smart home devices, so I really hope Wyze steps up and delivers these products soon. We’ve all been asking for these for a while.
Thanks for your great products and home security system. Look forward to the new products :slightly_smiling_face:


I take it you are averse to voice assistants. That is one way to control smart devices from various manufacturers with a single interface.

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Yep, and worth noting that almost everything Alexa voice does can be accomplished through its single app without speaking. It’s great for consolidating home automation.