Smart light switch and/or dimmer

Wall switch not voice controlled to operate light bulb. ???
I’m probably miss understanding, isn’t that what regular wall switch already does?

His example was a (table) lamp. I think he wants a wall switch that acts as a remote control for a smart bulb. Seems reasonable.

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I have 2 bulbs in a ceiling light because the wiring is old and doesn’t allow a in wall switch. So I have to keep the power on to the smart bulbs for them to work with voice or remote control. In this case it would be nice to have a switch on the wall to “manually turn them off and on” . Right now we can only use voice or our phones to do that with out messing up connectivity.

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I have 8 different lights throughout my basement, and they are all on different switches (pull the chain kind of thing). I have Wyze bulbs in them and with the app or Alexa, I can turn them all on and off as if they were on the same circuit. But it is difficult for my guests, and sometimes it is a pain to do it this way. If I could replace the switch at the top of the stairs (which controls one of them) with a powered scene controller light switch then a person could turn the lights on and off without realizing the elaborate setup and not needing the app or knowing how to ask for it. My house does not have neutral wires (it’s not that old - late 60’s construction), so I imagine that overcoming that like a couple other vendors out there would be a great selling point.

I do have a wyze sense contact sensor on the basement door, but it requires you to leave the door open to have the lights on, and also, it loses its connection all the time, and the lights just stop working.

I am a big proponent - but recognize that what I am asking for is not a smart switch (to control dumb bulbs on an existing circuit), it is a scene controller that can do anything that is triggerable in Wyze. I understand why both things are discussed interchangeably in this thread, but it is probably worth acknowledging that they do different things.


I get it I think… like a Wyze sprinkler controller but for your lights which u can also use as a regular switch on the interface on wall so you don’t need to open the app every single time.

makes sense for sure!

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I suppose I could hack a magnetic door switch with a manual switch of some kind. But a purpose built component would be way more useful to me than a smart vacuum, scale, or headphones.

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Can you all look into creating a Smart Dimmer Light Switch?


Well, it’s well over a year and I was hoping that your request would gain some traction but not looking too promising! I too (a long time ago) had all my outdoor spots hooked up to X10 switches. They still work well today. But to be able to just turn on and off like the WYZE outlets would be great. I would think that this is an opportunity to retain, growth and strengthen an already loyal customer base. I love the other products like the headphones and scale, but for some folks, this request is a need in order to maintain a one vendor automation solution.

Just want a simple on/off switch controlled by wifi, no dimming required,…able to co-reside in a double-wide (or more) box with other switches or dimmer-switches. Controlling floodlights which may or may not have infrared-sensor controls, externally,… that might make their design a bit more complicated… (The lights of that nature that I’ve seen, have the ability to come on immediately after quick turn-off, if they’ve been on but slept awaiting darkness; if they’re off for 30sec or so, they revert back to infrared-sensor mode.) Hmm…that IS challenging: see what your designers/buyers can come up with…
“Alexa, turn off, then turn on…” if they’re defined as infrared-sensing…


Wyze will get to it sooner then later, probably. Hopefully! lol

Oh look! I found one: Hue Dimmer switch :grin:

When creating a light switch, should integrate with thermostat so one can have an overhead ceiling fan come on whenever the thermostat is heating and/or cooling to keep the air circulating in a great room.

I would think it would be better to have a dedicated thermostat sensor rather than have it build into a switch. High probability for false temperature readings. This would be a stellar integration to have though.

Wall switches that doubled as remote thermometers for a parent thermostat would be great! It would help avoid the “warm in the hallway by the thermostat, freezing in the bedroom” phenomenon.

I was actually hoping, when Wyze creates a wall switch, that the software for the switch would recognize changes in the Wyze thermostat. However, a simple temperature sensor to control the switch would also be a great idea.

The issue with that is that ceiling fans cool people, not rooms. If the temperature was to read to a certain point in the room the ceiling fan will not really change the temperature of the room just how it feels in the room. Thus, in order for this setup to work, you would need to set the temperature reading higher than you would like and also be present in the room. Moving air does not lower the temperature it just makes you feel cooler. :sunglasses:

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We have nose cancelling headphones though! Priorities…

This product actually is in development! We aren’t ready for testing yet and I don’t have an ETA for that step but we’re well on our way. :slight_smile:


Can you clarify whether this is a smart switch to control dumb bulbs/light circuits or a switch that only controls smart bulbs, or both?.. OR is sorting that part of your dev process?


This is the best news I have heard in weeks! In my humble opinion Wyze should be making things like these smart switches that integrate across the Wyze platform (cams, switches, plugs, locks, etc). Feels like too much time creating non-integrated, and even not smart products.