Smart light switch and/or dimmer

not sure why a new thread was needed…go vote…and they’ll develop the product when they feel it’s a good fit for them, not when users make silly demands.

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Not so imho. Te original thread has wandered all over the place. We need a simple switch to start with. Is it in plan?


It seems we need to constantly nag for basics. It’s not a silly demand, it’s clearly needed.

no idea

there is no need to nag, they gave us a wishlist forum, there’s already a thread asking for a smart switch…I think you’re confusing the words “need” & “want”. I had to do the same thing, go buy another brand, if Wyze never develops one, then so be it.

voted, thx!


Hey y’all, I didn’t take the time to read OP carefully but I skimmed enough just now to get the gist of a) the original intent of this thread and b) what I want to see developed, and I agree both are needed yesterday. My b for not reading closely enough.

A) a physical switch to negate the need for the app or alexa/Google voice command as the UI, in order to get dimming or color temp adjustments the old fashioned way, by “hand”, and so that you don’t render smart bulbs permanently disabled to smart control with a common dumb wall switch until said dumb switch is flipped back on.
Because of the latter, the shift away from using the dumb wall switches that would render smart bulbs offline, we’ve taken to using Google Home voice commands and automation almost exclusively. Now my entire UX has thus shifted away from ever touching wall switches/dimmers, such that, for us anyway, I think the need for this solution pales in comparison to what I really want, which is:

B) a solution to control light fixtures that will never accept a standard size A19 and non-decorative bulb… Pendants, sconces, track lights, etc.

Is that another topic or the same?

Should I be looking outside of the wyze ecosystem?..Not willing to wait endlessly for a solution that isn’t coming if there’s something else on market.

Been waiting about 2 years now for Wyze to do this. I love the Wyze plugs they are small, simple, reliable, and inexpensive. Figured they would come out with a light switch shortly after but did not happen. Apparently it is a bit more complicated than doing a plug. Problem with smart bulbs is that you have to have them powered on all the time to work and be tethered to either Alexa/Google or an app to turn them on/off. That will get old incredibly fast for many in my home. But I do understand they are great for areas where the light socket is always powered on or where the switch light is not accessible. Wyze likes products that are portable and easy to install. A light switch is a more permanent type of fixture that requires a little DIY to install and uninstall. Not necessarily Wyze’s cup of tea for their niche but I believe they will release a switch eventually.

I would love to see a smart switch with motion sensor capability built in. Also one for multiple switch rooms like a kitchen. Where hands are often full and lights get left on.

Nice one! That would be a nice feature for sure or if it can be initiated by a wyze cam or an actual Wyze motion sensor device…

Definitely! Good call!

Oh! And welcome here Thrombis!

If they came out with a smart light switch I would go broke replacing every switch in the house.


Sadly, so would I. But in the same token, it would probably be WiFi only, and I am against putting such a load on my router.

I will probably end up getting one of the various Jasco or Zooz ZWave switches as they function like a normal paddle switch, press up for on and down for off, but have all the smarts built into them so that you can setup automations. Will probably end up setting up OpenHAB for the actual management. So sad that Wyze doesn’t seem to want to get involved here, this is one of the most active wishlist threads I’ve seen.

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Huh I don’t hear much about OpenHAB but a lot about Home Assistant. Found an overview of 3 systems…


I agree with the need for a switch that doesn’t need a neutral wire. I live in a old house with old wiring and no neutral wire. 3 way switches would be most convenient and not a lot of more wires out the back because the boxes are small. Push in terminals would work best

My issue is all my main lights are floods/recessed so a separate bulb on each would be crazy. So I have to get ones that are dimmer capable.

My wire is newer so I have nuetral but lots of ppl don’t. This here lies the rub… Wyze would have to make multiple switches that accommodates all. That’s a whole division right there. Lol.

Wonder what they’ll do? I’m sure they’ve been think tanking these things. Only matter of patience and working with them when Wyze ask for feedback… Also if Wyze cannot produce AND retail it for cheaper and better then a competitor then what’s the point, right? Logistics can be a deal breaker too for a smaller tech company. Guess we have to keep supporting them so we can get the stuff we want ‘right now’. Lol.

I’m speaking for myself of course. Not jumping on anyone else here.

PS. I like what sorhan01 said for a few switches of mine… Just a regular switch installed and Wyze app I can dim or whatever, but I still would like to be able to use dimmer capabilities at the switch itself in case I want to use dimmer without having to open an app… So yeah… This is a complex item for certain.

Johnny Boy

Speculation all around, but that didn’t stop them from putting out a thermostat that requires a C-wire, so I doubt they would bother trying to do a low power smart switch. Enough homes have neutrals and it avoids the major hassle of additional hubs.

I would prefer wifi, I already have 4 AP’s covering my house and garage. I don’t want to have to pull more cable to deal with another 2.4 custom wifi protocol. These devices are low data transfer and are mostly management traffic. I have my network setup that all IOT devices are on 2.4 and all users are on 5ghz, with few exceptions.

Hey, if it works for you, use it. I’m still at a point debating whether or not to add APs as there is only one real “deadspot” on my back deck, and I don’t really want to blanket the neighbor’s house. But I’m also one who doesn’t really like to use WiFi for devices that don’t move (ie TVs, Desktops, game consoles, etc)

Would love to see a programmable in wall smart timer to control outdoor lights #newproduct

I want a wireless wall switch/dimmer that controls a smart bulb (that is always powered) . I don’t want voice control. I just want to walk into the room and operate the “light switch” for a lamp.
This should be able to be programmed as an input. Therefore operate a bulb, plug, scene, etc.