Smart light switch and/or dimmer

Problem with Inovelli is that you need to buy a Z-Wave hub, and then hope you can get control of the Wyze bulbs with IFTT. Maybe thats my only option, but defeats the purpose of having Wyze bulbs. My issue is that I have an old house with wall sconces that are controlled with individual switches on the fixture (no light switch). We installed Wyze bulbs to allow for phone/voice control, but difficult for guests and children to operate. A switch (scene controller) could be hard wired, for example, to a socket for turning these lights on or off. Could also be useful to control a wyze bulb in a detached garage from our house.

The deal breaker here is the neutral wire. My home does not utilize this preferred wiring method. If a Wyze switch requires a neutral wire, I’ll have to go with Caseta.

Don’t think they can do WiFi without a neutral. Then you need another hub. Ugh.

Can we get a switch that we replace and then we can use our phones.

Please understand that I would love to have light switches from WYZE. But, I do not want them to be wifi connected taking up device access on my router. Zigbee is open source and this can make it much more affordable to create. Please, Please, Please. Can we get this started?

This mY have been mentioned, I have not yet gone through all of the previous 300+ posts here. I like the idea of a smart light switch that turns off power T the switch, just as the standard switch does. This would be ideal for people who are not ready to also replace all the bulbs with smart bulbs.

The other functionality that I would like in a smart switch is to control the smart bulbs. I have started replacing smart bulbs in my house and it is great, until someone needs to turn on a light and does not have access to the device(s) that controls those bulbs. It would be great if I could replace the standard light switches with smart switches that run a “scene” or just on/off toggle command for the smart bulbs that are connected to it. That way visitors to my home, or young kids, or older people, could control lights the way they are accustomed to doing so, without turning off the power to the smart bulbs, but instead just running the assigned commands for those bulbs.

I just broke down and had an iDevices smart switch installed for my outdoor porch and driveway lights. It does the job very well – but it means another app on my phone. This should be a no-brainer and a top priority for Wyze.

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