Smart Humidifier

Since the Wyze thermostat is ready for the beta test, I thought it would be nice if Wyze could make a smart humidifier that can work with or without thermostat, setting the humidity your wish for or make it automatic adjust according to the inside/outside temperature and time.

I am looking for this device as well; a wyze smart home cool mist humidifier. I want to ensure humidity stays at 41% throughout the many rooms of my home. Especially since we’re all spending large amounts of time at home these days, everyone wants to be comfortable! Creating the device shouldn’t be all that difficult considering it could read the wyze thermostat humidity sensor… and perhaps include a humidity sensor at the back of the device for individual room humidity and with multiple devices perhaps control overall home humidity levels. Features I would like to see: Auto-on / Auto-off or “standby” for when the humidity levels reach humidity level preferences. I would also love to see a washable filter to reduce the chance of mold or mildew in the water reservoir. finally the ability to work with other smart home devices like Apple Homekit, Google Home, Amazon Alexa.

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