Smart Gate lock with video doorbell (Single unit)

I would love to see a gate lock for entry into the back yard. To give access to pest control, pool and yard service or friends for BBQ. I’m guessing a hub would be needed for extended range, your video door bell, and a dumbed down version of your door lock. You could also market this product to keep young kids from leaving the back yard when they are playing without adult supervisor. For yards with a fence to separate the pool from the yard you could have save kids from access or maybe blocked out hours like after dark. Idk, but I spent $150 just for a electronic gate lock. I would be happy to pay that or more for a wireless lock with schedules and video for bell built into one unit. I would also have use for this at my office to open the gate for employees after hours. To see who is coming and going maybe with a employee passcode. The uses would be so valuable to me and hopefully others too.

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Is there a chance you might produce a lock/sensor for outdoor gates?