Smart Door Lock

Would love to see Wyze come out with a smart door lock that links up with the cameras. Would work similar to the contact sensors to trigger the camera and capture a video when the door is opened/unlocked, but it would allow people to consolidate their current smart locks and contact sensors into one unit. Maybe crazy, but you could also add a camera into the lock to act similar to the video door bells. I can see the battery life becoming an issue with that idea, though.

Lock for dead bolt locks on door.

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Tuya has a door lock and camera combination that will recognize your face and unlock the door for you. At least, they announced this at CES 2019.

I haven’t actually seen any products that do this in the United Stated yet though.

I want a true smart doorlock with the ability to unlock and lock it from the app with various triggers (geo location, connection…) also maybe a rfid reader video of my custom truck door locks

I would also like however a simple smart door lock which doesn’t have the ability to unlock and lock remotely but just lets you know if the door is locked or unlocked and sends notifications if the state changes. really it could just be a wyze sensor in a lock. i really only need 1 maybe 2 doors with access control but the ability to know if all my doors are locked before leaving the house is important especially with young children that love to leave things unlocked.

My next project having finished my wyze recessed bracket

will probably be a hacked version of this simple smart door lock. However i would like to one day see a polished Wyze solution.

Wyze should make a smart lock for doors. That would be nice.

I’ve looked into buying smart locks for my house in the past and decided against it due to a common issue they all have. Door and door frame material expand and contract during different seasons resulting in the traditional locking mechanism no longer aligning with the door frame over time. This is why sometimes you need to push up against your door or wiggle your key a little to ensure your door locks or unlocks. Smart locks typically attach themselves to existing tradional locks and do not recognize when the lock is no longer perfectly aligned with the door frame and can indicate that the door is locked when in fact the locking mechanism didn’t fully engaged.

It might not be in your wheel house, but I envision a one size fits all, fully integrated lock, that replaces the traditional locking mechanism on an exterior door. Maybe go one step further and design a whole door and door frame to replace existing front and back door. This might be a bit extreme but I’m just brainstorming here as I type.

Please developed a smart deadbolt lock. Thanks

I, too would like this, or at least integration with existing smart door locks ( although one from Wyze would be preferable).
Power is something to consider here. I have a smart door lock made via Kickstarter by a company called keywe. It has a lot of limitations, but its biggest is that as the batteries that power it get weaker, it starts to malfunction.
It really needs to just stop working, when the bateries can no longer support proper functionality. I don’t know how feasible that is, but then, who knew smart locks were possible in the first place 50 years ago?

I would be extremely nice if Wyze could do this soon. Wyze do you have an update?

That Keywe ought to have battery management in it’s firmware, something simple like regularly checking the battery voltage. A voltage tap might require a hardware change

Seems to me that if Wyze has this IFTTT capability, then all that’s needed is to locate a IFTTT compatible deadbolt